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Just Another Day In Paradise

Woke up. Pens still won the cup.
If the midwest goes into a drought this summer, they can just use the tears from Detroit to end it.
Rick is going to be taking charge of the blog very soon. And it is going to be one post a day unless something big happens.
We're going to recap the season this week sometime, then it is vacationblog.
After the jump:
  • Some kid gets yelled at and people make that "ooooooohhh," sound.
  • Some local Michigan retard blames the refs.
  • Rinko winners.
We could talk about all the Wings blog flipping out. But why do that; when we could post this:
10 minutes in hell right there.
Parade ownage: Some kid gets yelled at.
Here are the winners of Rinko:
If you are one of the winners. Email us ASAP.
Jim from Yinz Luv The Guins has been with us all season long.
His Game 7 recap is amazing. He was up at Foley's in NYC which has become a mecca for Pens fans.
PSAMP with an appearance.
Goosebump city at the end.
Post is closed
Grandma made it to the parade.
Go Pens.