Jordan Staal, Guerin update, Dr. Pepper, MAF made history, Red Wings, Discrimination
Jordan Staal skated in full gear on Wednesday.  [ PENS ]
If the video of him getting dressed wasn't so homoerotic, we'd post it.
Guerin missed Game Three because he had to film another Dos Equis commercial.
In other Pens news…
Not sure how we feel about this.
Ain't paying $5 for a large Hawaiian Punch.
Root-beer floats are gonna be the shit, though.
After the jump, Red Wings crap…
and clearing up stuff about Les Habitants.
If we spent all our time reading and talking about the Pens series, we'd go insane.
So we take time and read about some of the other series.
The Wings-Sharks series is great theater.
Especially because of delusional Wings fans.
Case in point: [ LetsGoWings message board ]
First up is an obvious Holmstrom slash that negated a Wings PP.
1:28 mark.  Painfully easy to see.
Kind of fitting the Detroit announcers call him "Homer."
Then Zetterberg kicking that puck in is put under the microscope.
And then this clear interference penalty by Holmstrom that negates another Wings PP.
The Chief/Whoever wanted to weigh in on this, as well:
Whoops.  Forgot to post anything.
Oh, yeah, that's right — it was a loss.
You want to see a bad call?
The penalty called on Leopold last night….
hmmmmmm… probably a better job of selling it by Homo Gomez.
But real teams overcome that shit.
[Thanks to Eric P. for the vid]

Was told to mention that they were called Les Habitants because they were the French team.
It meant they were habitants; not citizens.  And they couldn't vote.
go pens