Johnson Rod. PENS LOSE.

No clue how you do a period-by-period recap of anal leakage.
The Devils have transformed from the thorn in our side to the thorn in our sac.
Marty Brodeur was spectular.

Bergfors scored some goal like 4 seconds in.
And it held up all game. The Pens had chance after chance. And it was denied. Time after time.

The Prudential Arena must be where whistles go to die. Pens only get one powerplay. Refs blew a huge too many men on the ice call against the Devils.

Thanks to [Dean] for the pic.
Some quick shit after the jump.

Call us assholes, but Disco went into this back-to-back situation with a plan:

1) Start MAF against Miller in Buffalo.
The only obstacle was Chernobyl.

2) Start Johnson in New Jersey.
We have no clue how the Penguins or Bylsma think, but when your backup goalie is in there, you may tend to be a tad more defensive-minded.  Defensive minds are what you need when you play the Devils…and it’s sad that the reason for that has nothing to do with New Jersey’s scoring prowess.  You just have to play down to the Devils.  And none of this is to say that Johnson was a stain.  He kept the Pens in it with some above-average saves.


The result was a 1-0 turdfest with an empty-netter.
A penis deflection, and it’s a tied game. New Jersey is winning all these games now against the Pens. It is only going to piss them off more. If the road goes through New Jersey to get the Stanley Cup, can’t wait.

January 1st, 2009
Pens lose 4-2 in Boston.

“That’s a tough place to play,” Penguins coach Michel Therrien said.
364 days later….

December 30, 2009
Pens lose 2-0 in New Jersey.

“Jokes,” said Michel Therrien, while playing Loopin’ Louie with his kids.

Found this on Red Wings Korner:
It looks like a scene from a porn when they go into the basement.
Speaking of Rosby and the Wings Korner, we’re anxious to see The Chief’s reaction to Steve Yzerman giving Crosby the “A” for the Olympic team.
Maybe The Chief will just disappear for 24 hours.
Go Pens.



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