Jobber(s) Of The Week : AP Reporters

Meet Balloon Boy's neighbor:
He is pissed off because the media is jobbing his peace.  Totally legit.
Then media members start provoking him.
The guy is just having a bad moment. But then it gets worse:
And that's where we have our jobber(s) of the week.
The AP reporters.  Three of them.
The guy in the yellow.
What exactly warranted bringing out some unreal finishing move?
And what about the guy on the phone?  He clearly elbowed the dude's car.
Or this guy that starts jobbing the neighbor when he is locked up?
Classic third man in.
What makes the guy in the yellow seem like the biggest jobber
is that he had this great takedown, but then couldn't hold it.
And how is it that everyone starts flipping out
when the dude gets punched in the face?
What a performance by the neighbor.
Go Pens.