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Good To Be Back. PENS WIN

Nothing was really the same.
No Jeff Jimmerson. No John Barbero. Mellon Arena not sold out.
But yet somehow the same theatrics live on.
Down 3-0 going into the third period the Pens staged a comeback.
It ended up 4-4 in at the end of regulation.
44 seconds into OT Kunitz buried a Bing pass.
5-4 win.
With all due respect to FSN. We could listen to Mike Lange call games via the radio all year if we had to.
Some notes on the game after the jump.
It's not a new season until you dust off the "Anthems" folder on your desktop.
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In other news, Sykora got invited to camp in Minnesota. STAR TRIB
Shouldn't be suprised.
Chuck Fletcher is the Wild GM.
No clue what is he looking at.
So clearly we didn't get to see the game so just some points:
  • Tangradi played a solid game by all accounts. Lange was raving about him. His shift chart:

Two primary assists on Bings goals.
He also destroyed some dude on a big hit.
  • Apparently Deryk Engelland KO'd some guy in a fight.

Full stats sheet:
  • Goalie Brad Thiessen and his helment get the W.

Supervillian city.
Other shit:
  • Bing is using a new stick. All composite. He registered 7 shots.
  • Nice to see Kunitz get going early.
So there was a camera there? Where are the highlights?
  • Chris Connor was insane at some points.
  • We heard some grumblings already, but lets be fair to the new announcer guy. The guy is just trying to do his job. Just give it time man.
  • The Pens announced this HD radio thing. Mark Madden is going to have his own time slot 2-3 in the afternoons.  More info [here]. Really great idea here. Love or hate Madden, he is one of the few that actually talk hockey in this town.
  • Looks like it is preseason for the scoreboard people too:

Thanks to [Andrew] for the pic.
  • Annd finally from twitter.
Good friend Raybin:
Yep, it is good to be back.