It’s Still July


It's summer.

Summer is great for many reasons.

It's warm.
That usually means vacations and parties and BBQs.
It means sitting outside with a cold beer, getting a tan and ogling strangers in their bathing suits.
It also means there isn't any hockey.

Now, the Penguins offseason has been the shortest in the league over the past two summers.
That means we've had to endure less time without hockey than fans of most teams.
We can't imagine what we'd be doing right now if we were Lightning, Islanders or Leafs fans.

Actually, we can.

If the Pens missed the playoffs last season we would have probably spent this summer the same way we did during the dark ages:
Googling "Tomas Surovy" and waiting for Konstantin Koltsov's breakout season.


Former Penguins Tom Barasso and John LeClair were among those inducted into the US Hockey Hall of Fame today.
Barasso won two Stanley Cups during his time with Pittsburgh.
LeClair dislocated Evgeni Malkin's shoulder during a preseason game.

A homeless man tried to give Mario Lemieux advice on how to help the Penguins.
Empty Netters with the line of the day:

"You explain this to us. Michel Therrien gets fired Feb. 15. Some 'homeless man' begins throwing letters and other items into Mario Lemieux's yard four days later."

Regular season tickets go on sale to the general public on September 12th at 10am.

The Canadiens have a video of the USS Hal Gill docking in Montreal.
He will wear #75 for the Habs.
His arrival at the Bell Centre started four riots.



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The Post-Gazette has a good article on Eddie Johnston.

Pens Universe has Malkin Versus Jagr Part II up.


Their comments look promising:

Forward of the Day:
Eric Says: I know Zach is going to say Caputi, so I’ll go with Zack Sill. He excelled in all facets of the game today.
Zach says: I was going to say Caputi until the last minute of the game where Tangradi put the team on his back and drew a penalty shot out of it. So I’ll go with Tangradi, but Caputi was a close second.

Defenseman of the Day:
Eric Says: Simon Despres
Zach says: I’d have to say Despres as well. He used his stick like we were used to seeing with Hal Gill but also moved the puck well and even beat a few forwards with some quick hands.