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It’s So Cold In The D


We're a day away from the biggest game we will ever watch.
It is all business time.
But then, just when you think you've made enough fun of Detroit,  a video like this comes across.
This song deserves its own blog.
It is about the tough life in Detroit. Does it have anything to do with this series? Nope.
But that doesn't matter.
We've watched it at least 20 times since last night.
And somehow, this video makes us feel better.
There are at least 10-12 wtf moments.
Our two favorite moments.
  • 1:04  where she forgets the lyrics
  • 1:21, sitting in a parked car.

So many questions that need to be answered, so little time.

If Bing scores on Friday, he needs to do the dance that the chick in the jean jacket is doing.
We've also been told that the dude highlighted below is actually the Chief from [Abel to Joke]
If we've taken anything from this video, it is this actual lyric:

"You cant do what we do you know we only do it for the fuck crew"

If someone made shirts that said "F%^k crew" on them, how could we not buy them?
Go Pens
[Thanks to Josh B for the tip city.]