It’s Malkin’s Party And He’ll Do What He Wants To


Via someone in cblog.
Malkin, on his day with the cup played in some game.
Check out the first :39 seconds.
Yea, that is pretty cash.
After the jump, another reason why Malkin > you.
Via [PSAMP's] buddy USBZOSO. Geno's speech translated:
First of all I'd like to thank my parents, my mom and my dad. They have always believed and supported me. I'd also like to thank my first coach. He also always believed in me, he put his love and soul into training me. Of course i also want to thank Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Kombinat. Thank you very much for this sports complex. Thank you for the 2 best ice rinks in Russia, in my opinion, that have raised a lot of good players, and will raise future stars. It doesn't matter where we play, we always represent Magnitogork and Metallurg, the team I played for and colors I defended. Any trophy won by me or any other player will be brought to this city of Magnitogork.

(Some applause some boos in the crowd)

I would also like to thank all of the fans out there. Thank all of you that came here today. All those that were cheering for our team… (pause, as if he wanted to say Penguins) …Metallurg. I want to wish Metallurg many many wins and winning gold in the next season. Thank you."

Malkin told Puck Daddy's Dmitry Chesnokov the following in a Q&A :

Q. Did you speak with any of your teammates? How did they spend their day with the Cup?

I didn't call anyone. Not even Sidney Crosby(notes). By the way, it was his birthday yesterday. Let's wish him a Happy Birthday through the media. Let's wish him health and happiness. [Geno was wrong actually. Crosby's birthday is on August 7.
We love how Malkin didn't even know when Crosby's birthday was.
And then this:

Does your owner Mario Lemieux order those rings?

Yes, he has a shop in his basement. He is sitting there right now carving the rings. He promised to be ready come November

Anyway, here is a slideshow of some Malkin pics: