It’s About To Get Interesting. PENS WIN
The shootout kind of soured what was other wise a tremendous game to watch.
The line dividing pro-shootout and anti-shootout people is well-defined.
We wanted sudden-death OT all the way to the end.
It has to be said that Jordan Staal deserved a goal in this game.
His penchant to step it up against Detroit goes all the way back to his hat trick in November of '08.
And we honestly don't have to detail his heroics during the Finals last season.
And it also has to be said that goalie Jimmy Howard should've gotten the number-one star.
If the game was in Detroit, he would have. 46 saves. Pens running at him all day. If Osgood was in the game, it would've been 8-0 pens in the first two minutes.
But Sidney Crosby, captain of the Penguins, was given the number-one star.
He was clearly the most dominant player on the ice.
A couple of people on Twitter mentioned that this might be a game that turns the season around. Not sure how a team that has been at the top of the Eastern Conference all season needs something to turn their season around, but still, it isn't an empty statement.
Maybe the Pens have been playing down to teams this season.
Maybe they're dealing with the whole targets-on-their-back thing.
But seeing the winged-wheel jerseys come into Mellon Arena undoubtedly gave the Pens some flashbacks. Perhaps this fevered affair with their SCF bride reminded the Penguins how it feels to be skating hard and fast all game.
And even though this game was big, there are bigger things going on right now than Pittsburgh/Detroit.
With the big time trades going on in Toronto earlier in the day on Sunday,and the Rangers/Flames deal late Sunday night, the trade winds have rolled in.
Think of it like this. Not counting tonight, the Pens have five games left before the Olympic break. The trading deadline is like seven minutes after the Olympics. In March, the Penguins never have a week without at least three games.
So basically, if Shero is making a move, it is coming in the next two weeks, you'd have to think.
Buckle up.
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Devon S.
Early on, Datsyuk gets the stick up into Malkin. Looked pretty rough.
On the delayed call, Letang slides toward Howard on his knees. Bizarre play to watch.
But the Pens were on the powerplay. We all know how that turns out.
But that powerplay was the beginning of a long day for Jimmy Howard.
The Pens kept crashing and crashing the net all game.
He was probably whacked about 30 times during loose-puck skirmishes.

They have tremendous what
After that kill, the game settled into the fast pace it would sustain all day.
The Wings wouldn't touch the puck on a delayed high-stick, and Gonch almost put it past MAF.
The rest of the period had the Wings and Pens trading PP chances.
Kris Draper sucks.
A lot of people took a stab at this.
This seems to be the resounding verdict.

Job, job, job to start the second.
A bunch of solid back-and-forth shit.
After a while, Lidstrom gives Staal a high stick. No call.
Then Raflaski trips over Malkin. That's a penalty apparently.
On the ensuing PK, the Pens had too many men on the ice.
Too bad. They only call that during the Fina

Somewhere in the second period, it occurred to us that the Penguins are the only team in the NHL. Over the past couple years, we've heard the griping from people saying NBC is Nothing But Crosby. And honestly, the people were just crybabies. But now it's actually becoming the truth. It dawned on us during the Flyers game last weekend, when NBC's upcoming games were Pens-Wings and Pens-Caps. Oh, and, by the way, Pens-Sabres on Versus Monday night.
But again, that's all crap.
Pens-Flyers is one of the fiercest rivalries in the league.
Pens-Wings is a Stanley Cup Finals rematch.
Pens-Caps is Sid/Geno-Ovechkin, which was the best playoff series last spring.
So keep crying.
Late in the second period, Eaton gets the free hand on some terd, and the PK takes the ice.
Solid kill, as usual.
After the PP, the Wings didn't have any of their four actual hockey players on the ice.
It costs them.
Gogo finds Bing with a laser pass, and Jimmy Howard slides to Center Ave. to make the save.
Easy goal on the backhand.








At the end of the period, Orpik gives some joke a roundhouse left.
No clue how there wasn't a penalty.

Andy L. sent this along.
Awesome little quiz. SPORCLE
Early in the third, Cooke heads to the box for goalie interference. Top five worst penalty calls of the season.
It was only a matter of time.
That Detroit PP was intense.
But Drew Miller is related to Ryan Miller, therefore he choked and the Wings ended their PP early.
Around the halfway point of the third, Detroit finally had the Pens running.
Brad Stuart found himself all alone on the ice.
Without Talbot there to embarrass him, he's able to get a shot on net.
Dan Cleary gets credit for the goal in front. 1-1.

Jordan Staal continued his mission to score a goal in this game.
In the course of about 5 seconds, he hit the crossbar twice.
Kronwall's shot in Game 7 also hit Staal before hitting the crossbar.
Toward the end of regulation, Detroit realized they had 1 point in their pocket.
So they just took it easy and headed to overtime.
The overtime had its moments of back-and-forth.
Kronwall tried to hit Staal and humiliated himself. Then he faked some injury.




Late in OT, Datsyuk jobs Malkin on a faceoff and hits Flippillila with a pass up ice.
He ray-bourques Gonchar, and Gonchar has to hook him.
This brings up an interesting debate.
Would you rather have a penalty shot or a 4-on-3 PP for 1:21?
MAF repeatedly came up big during the PK that sent the game to anti-climactic shootout.

Mike Babcock cries foul before the shootout and wants the ice Zamboni'd again.
what a dick.
Letang up first. vomit.
Datsyuk up next. Loses the puck when it hits some snow.

Then it was Crosby's turn.
He hardley even deked Howard. He was just patient.
Howard's water bottle registered for frequent flier miles.

Jason Williams was up next.
Horrible move.
Malkin came out with a chance to end the game.
He slowed to a crawl and played with Howard.
A sweet touch on a backhand. 2-0.



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  • Mark Letestu = solid player.
  • Staal and Malkin together works.
  • Last year Pens played their 50th game on Jan 31 last year.  Sunday was 56.
  • Afternoon games blow.
  • Monday night games only on Versus blow even more.
  • Avatar sucks.
Go Pens