It Bled. But We Couldn’t Kill It. PENS LOSE.

Looks like Sid will be okay for the Olympics. People all of sudden are acting like a player getting hit by a puck never happened. Shows how much hype there is for the Olympics we guess.
Sid mentioned he and Shea Weber are flying to Vancouver together on Sunday night. Also we heard Geno and Gonch are taking a private jet in too.
No clue why all the Olympians in this game wouldn’t just take one flight.
The Pens rounded out the pre-Olympic marathon with a stunned moment.
Day games can be so enigmatic.
As far as the Preds go, we don’t see them often, so who cares.
But they’re sending six players to the Olympics.
And they’re sitting in the top 8 of the Western playoff race.
Still doesn’t change the fact we hate looking at Barry Trotz’s face.
Speaking of the weirdness surrounding day games, Brooks Orpik scored a goal.
And Fedotenko was on the fourth line.
That’s not a good sight to see if you have visions of Fedotenko surviving the trading deadline.
The Olympic break comes at a good time for the Pens, because you can tell something is off or they are just tired.
Either way, we won’t see the Pens until March.
Ryan P.
Matt S.
Nate K.
Feb 14, 2009.  (KP)
The first 10 minutes of this game was a stain on America.
Both teams were feeling each other out.
Finally, something happens.  The Pens jump onto the PP.
Crosby eventually finds himself in Malkin’s trigger-man position.
Innocent-looking one-timer.  In the bank.
The pace of the game definitely picked up after that.  And it never let up.
The Pens had target practice on Dan Ellis for the rest of the first period.
Some big saves to keep the Preds in the hunt.
At the end of the first, Malkin and some dude got into a slap fight.
And the Pens found themselves shorthanded because of it.
Preds took advantage with a bullshit goal from the same spot Sid scored.  1-1.
After the goal, the Pens were pissed.
Kennedy gets tripped up, and the Pens head down the other way with a delayed penalty in their pocket.
Jordan Staal does the move, and Cookie came in to clean up the trash.  2-1.
That lead had the halflife of your face.
Some clown capitalizes off a Pens turnover and puts weak sauce past MAF.  2-2.
Hard to find reason to celebrate when your last name is “Tootoo.”
The game was swaying back and forth.
And the Pens were about to take the next three penalties of the game.
They kill off a Kunitz job and then had to face a 5-on-3 PK for 68 seconds.
Enter Craig Adams.
Adams isn’t a goal-scorer.  Any goal he scores is a treat.
He’s on this team to do what he did during those 68 seconds.
Beautiful job.  He was in the Predators’ PP’s mouth.
All of that shit got killed.
Fleury carried the Pens for the rest of the second.
Big saves.
Before you could blink, the Pens had their own PP on the way.
But it took them about a minute to get to it.
They kept passing and passing, looking for the perfect shot.  They had nothing to lose.
And they didn’t have to worry about tiring their big guns, since a commercial break was coming after the whistle.
Regardless, the eventual PP was poop.
Candy isn’t always free.  3-2.
In the second half of the third, Shea Weber answered Orpik’s goal.  3-3.
What a shot.
The Pens had to kill two penalties to round out the third period. The penalty on Dupuis might have been the worst call in the last 25 years.
Jordan Staal dominated the PK. Blanket statement: If the Pens PK wasn’t as dominant as it has been, the season would be a little more tumultuous than it is.
With the way the game had gone, you could feel the Pens were gonna have a 4-on-3 PP in overtime.
And they did.
It was definitely 2 minutes of you-better-not-be-sitting-down. Crosby and Malkin were everywhere.
Hard to think the next time they share the ice, it could be in one of the biggest hockey games in recent memory, and they will be foes.
Weirdly enough, the Pens’ best chance came after the PP was over.
Guerin had the game on his stick but was gassed as balls and couldn’t lift it.
Preds didn’t really test MAF in OT. That was bad news, because he was cold, and Dan Ellis was red hot.
The Predators completely shut up the Mellon Arena.
Martin Erat is a penguin killer. He has like 40 goals in five games.
See you in March.
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