All things considered, getting a point isn’t bad.
All things considered, the hole is even bigger.
We don’t know where everyone else stands on this, but today was actually the first time we bothered to see what the other teams in the playoff race did.  When we start making posts just to say Carolina lost, there’s no turning back.
Anyway, you have to give credit to IHCDB.
In less than a day, he went from coaching Wilkes Barre in the AHL to coaching on Long Island in the NHL.
Lost in all the madness the last 24 hours is the fact that the last time these two teams played, the Pens destroyed the Islanders 9-2, showing no mercy.
So based on that fact alone, the Islanders were going to play hard.
And they did.
You almost have to wonder if it were a more talented team, the Pens might have gotten smashed out of the building.  The odd-man breaks, the rebounds, the mental breakdowns.  They didn’t go out the door with Michel Therrien. The elephant is still in the room.  And it has huge balls.  And hasn’t showered in a month.
We have a big-time post coming Monday noontime, breaking down the Pens schedule week-by-week.  Every week is crucial.  The Pens needed these two points bad.
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Is it just us, or do those seats look packed?
picture 20
Bylsma starts Eric Godard.  Horrible decision.  Fire him.
First clos- up of Dan Bylsma.  What a suit.
But every warm-blooded American male didn’t care:
If you’re a glasses-wearer, you may have already mastered the technique of looking at things through the reflection of your lenses.  Looking at cleavage and cheating at the game 7-Up in middle school when your head is down but you can see who hit your thumb in your reflection are why you hone those skills.
[ Thanks to double B for the pic. ]

Aside from breast city, the Pens bench looked focused.
The busiest entities early on were the goal lights, which were flickering for no reason.
Game gets held up an hour.
The Isles broke out some exotic defensive game plan in the first.  The Pens had nothing going.  At all.  Pens looked sluggish.  Gay.
Pens get into the zone and set up shop for the first time.  Nothing doing.
Staal gets a chance, but Old McDonald makes a save.
Mike Comrie gets all bossy in front of the net.
We feel bad for Hilary Duff.

Fourth line comes out for their third shift of the game.
Looking back on it, it may have been the last shift of the game.
MAF makes a save on some player.
First real big moment happens halfway through the first.
Tyler Kennedy makes a digusting move on a 3-on-1.
Jordan Staal misses an open net.  Vomit.  Omen.
You miss that goal on EASHL, you’re teammates hate you.
FSN makes a mistake going to commerical on an icing.   Is this October?
But they fix it in time for the Islanders to have a chance.
Kyle Okposo looks pretty good.
MAF makes another huge save somewhere in there.
Islanders get another odd-man break.
Chris Campoli gets a break when it goes of his skate. 1-0
At least the Pens won’t blow an early lead.
Isles take a penalty.  First powerplay of the Bylsma era.
Gonchar is unreal, almost sets up a goal for Malkin.
Other than that, the Powerplay is mud.
Bing has a chance but no dice.
Comrie has a chance. Duff stunned.
The Islanders look to be taking over, but then it is Malkin city.
He chips the puck ahead to himself and then makes a defender look like a pigeon.
Huge goal.
Therrien slams his Diet Coke at home when Malkin scored.
Count on it.
Bob Errey is all kinds of fired up and goes on some rant.
picture 24
Potash interviews Malkin:
Ray Shero on with Errey and Steigy.
Didn’t say much, but sounds like a trade is brewing.
FHCMT had some kind words for the Pens. [PG]
We had someone send us a rumor about Malkin and Therrien this morning.
Well, the source came crying to us.
Turns out it was made up. Not that surprising.
We should post the email, but we’re not.
picture 21
Period opens up with more Isles.
Kyle Okposo is going to be a monster.
Old McDonald trips Malkin.  Big mistake.
Then Brendan Witt nails Malkin from behind.

Gonch takes three huge hits.
Pens zone looks like Vietman.

The rest of the period was back and forth, pretty much.

Good stuff.
Dupuis hits the post. Least he can’t get a minus on that play. Vomit.
Once again, it just seems like there are 20 Islanders in the Pens zone.
Just a disaster.  MAF can’t control the rebound.
Pens get something going after Bill Guerin almost sends us to the Smithfield Bridge.
Pens powerplay shows something. Looks like the old days.
Tic-Tac-Joke.  The Whitney Play ™ makes it return.
Islanders poop on themselves and take another penalty.
Powerplayblog in full effect.
Gonch makes a nasty pass.
Bing can’t finish.
Powerplay is growing.  Whitney almost scores again.
Then things get insane. The Pens rushes the net.
Malkin jobs like nine guys, throwing uppercuts.
What a player.
picture 24
Our plans for a Carrot ceremony have been put on hold by all this crazy shit.
But Stephen S. has been up to his old tricks in [Storeblog].
Some collections items are now available:
picture 22
The Isles start the third with a short powerplay.
But the Pens kill it off.
Gonch was all business.

End to end action. The Isles get a 3-on-2, but Jordan Staal makes a huge back heck.
Malkin goes coast to coast and nearly brings the world down. Just an unreal exhibit of skating.
Brendan Witt at one point is just chasing Malkin all over the ice.
Finally a whistle comes for a commercial break.
The game is tighter than Wall Street..
Game is delayed so Joey McDonald can wipe the pee from his crease.
MAF has to make another huge save after a breakdown.
Kennedy and Staal get set up after Cookie destroys someone. Isles break shit up and come storming up the ice but Bill Guerin forgets the rules and goes offsides.
Under seven minutes to go, every time the Isles touch the puck, you’re sick.
Malkin might be triple-shifting.
The Islanders get yet another odd-man break, and as Andy Hilbert winds up, you start thinking about your putting game.  But no dice.
Brendan Witt whips his balls out and slaps Bing in the face.
What a douchebag.
Under five, nerve city.
Staal gets a chance off a Scuds shot, but no.
Sykora has a brief shot. No, here come the Isles.
Sykora types his 600th sentence fragment of the recap but can’t bury it.
Big save by MAF.
Edge of your seatblog.
Staal almost scores.
1:30 left.
Faceoff city in the Isles zone.
Under a minute. Longest 45 seconds of your life.
But Cookie gets its deep.
We’ll take the point.  city.
picture 23
Puck goes deep in the Pens zone.
All of sudden a 2-on-1 for the Pens.
Ryan Whitney…… no.
Playoff like feel.
Campoli gets it to the net…ahhhhhhhhh.
MAF gloves it.
The next two minutes are as good as it gets.
Bing gets a chance.
We’ve stopped trying to form sentences by now.
Isles come back, but Gonchar is unreal.
Malkin and Staal come flying, but give credit to the Islanders defense.
Crosby comes back again, Old McDonald has a save.
Finall the period ends.
First up for the Isles, some dude named Frans
Sykora up for the Pens.
Some joke up for Islanders

Weak goal.
Malkin rolls down.
After Okposo almost ends it, with a sick move.
Nice poke
Bing for the tie, he makes more moves than your drunk Uncle.
McDonald say no.
Real players go top shelf
  • If Gonchar is healthy all season, Pens are in the playoffs.
  • Trade is coming. You could see it in Shero’s eyes.
  • 24 games left.
  • Adam is a joke
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