We went into this game knowing it was Staal's 300th game.
The Pens were playing a team whose logo could pass as a Spartan.
We had everything lined up, movie posters cued up in Photoshop.
But it wasn't meant to be, so we aren't recapping it.
A morning like this lets us know that we took football season for granted. The sports-talk shows would've been talking about Max Starks saying the Steelers aren't running the ball well, and then mention, "Oh, by the way, the Pens lost."
But not anymore. You turn on the terrestrial radio, and you get blasted with all the pundits saying the sky is falling and Fleury didn't look sharp. The Pens lost a 4-1 game to the hottest team in the NHL. Jesus. Shut up.

As EMPTY NETTERS pointed out, barring a playoff battle, this could be the Senators' last trip to the Mellon. Over the last few years, they have owned the building. Jason Spezza plays like he's actually good. Bullshit.
You talk about big-time players, no way in hell we want to see Anton Volchenkov in the playoffs.
He's a UFA this summer.

Shero wasn't there in 2000 when they drafted him, but we'll pretend he was.

Aside from an opening goal from Malkin, the rest of the game was just one of those nights.
The NHL checked Elliott's spoiler after the game, and it passed inspection.
What a driver.



Gonna be sick down the stretch.


Might have to add an amendment to Guide to Hockey Fans:
"Bloggers who don't post after losses."
Oh, shit, speaking of which, Pens and Wings on Sunday.
Kind of snuck up on everyone.
Reader Emily went to a Penguins bowling outing recently and got them to sign this.
She said that Fleury drew the glasses on Charlie.
We aren't Pens autograph afficionados.
If people could go through this and identify each player's autograph, that'd be awesome.



For those keeping score at home, we do believe that's a Kunitz/Dupuis photobomb.


And finally, a bunch of people e-mailed this in during the week:



no clue how there's a market for purple couches.


go pens