Is This Hockey? PENS LOSE.

As opposed to Game One, the Red Wings were in 100% trap mode.
They wanted that victory in the first game, so they exchanged blow for blow with the Pens.
And now after having the one-game lead, they felt they could sit back and wait for their chances.
What it all comes down to now is that if the Pens don't start mirroring Detroit's interference, they won't win.
The Wings have been doing this for a long time.
They know what they can and can't get away with.

The Red Wings aren't "beating the Pens defensemen" to dump-ins.
The Pens d-men just aren't turning the tricks that the Wings d-men are.
We'll hit up the officiating in this recap and just won't even mention it again.
We're tired of watching it, tired of writing about it.
You're probably getting tired of reading it.
You look at this game, and some posts were hit.
The Wings scored two goals immediately after blatant penalties were not called.
Pens scored because a penalty was actually called.  See the difference?
The big talk after Game Two was whether Malkin would be suspended.
But the NHL, in bizarre NBA fashion, has rescinded the suspension.
And staying with the NBA theme, apparently the officials have been told to put the whistles away.
Just a shame.
You can call Penguin fans whiners if you want to.
The only problem is that you haven't watched Pens games all season like Pens fans have.
The Pens are fast. They draw penalties. But not anymore.
You have the star player of the series getting mauled…and then taking a penalty somehow.
Take a look at Jordan Staal's f'd-up face if you think this is whining.
He gets a knob job from Osjoke a minute into the game.
Then takes a blatant elbow in the second.
His reaction to Kronwall's blatant interference called out on NBC
is what every Penguin fan has been doing in their living room for both games thus far.
There's really nothing you can do.
You just know it's bad if you've watched 90+ games this year
and you're contemplating turning the game off, 'cause it just isn't hockey.
brandon and greg
Nothing going on early.
Wings dictating the game.
Passing up some chances.

Absolutely nothing going on.
Attribute it to the snore game plan implemented by Babcock.

Later in the period, the Pens were finally learning how to break it.
A couple opportunities.
Fedotenko had the best one.

Pens get a power play late.
Malkin was the most electrifying player in the first.
No coincidence he draws the first penalty.
And no coincidence that he gets the goal. 1-0.


A minute in, Mikael Samuelsson drops a people's elbow on Staal. Abused.

You can do that in the SCF.

The elbows weren't done.
Osgood misplays a puck and elbows Kunitz. Bizarre.

Malkin gets a chance in front. Shoots it into Osgood.

Then the Red Wings started getting some pressure.
They force an icing. Samuelsson interferes with Malkin off a face-off.
Slapshot. Goal. 1-1.
Hossa breaks Dupuis' stick, as everyone knew he was gonna hit Malkin coming out of the box.
The puck may have left the zone.  No one cares to even mention it again.
Hossa gets the puck in the wake of Dupuis' stick.  It eventually goes in.
Not to be lost in the rough stretch of officiating is that the Pens were still pressuring the Wings.
They remind you on the next shift. Kunitz leads a rush. Drops it to Orpik.
Looks like a quarterback sneak in the crease.

Crosby sets up Guerin. Big Ben.
Crosby sets up Guerin. Redirects wide.

Finally, an NBC broadcaster notices the obstruction that happens on every play.

Johan Franzen pushes Kunitz near the Wings' bench.
Kunitz takes the chance to leap into it with elbows flying.

Good move.

Pens survive a last-minute surge.


Zetterberg kicks off the second by closing his hand on another puck in the crease.
It was his left hand. Don't be stupid.
vaj app scores. No clue. 3-1.
We'll defend MAF to the end. But oof.
Was this pic taken in the '80s?

Defending a 3-1 lead, the interference and obstruction were able to flow in beautiful harmony.
NBC even shows a highlight of Crosby being "cancelled" against the boards by Stuart when he doesn't even have the puck.
Again, no clue.

Then Hal Gill does it to Hossa. Fans are beside themselves for some reason.
You turn the game off if it's called.

Crosby gets to cruise through the neutral zone without "sharing the ice" with Zetterberg.
He embarrasses the D, who flail around.
Osgood lucks out with a save. Even he thought it goes past him.

At the end, it gets testy when Osgood apparently gets shot with a .22-gauge by Talbot.
Osgood did this same shit in last year's Finals.
You get semi-close to respecting his ability until he does that kind of stuff.
Malkin gets the better of Zetterberg, and that is all. game.
  • We took a shitload of flack at PUCK DADDY when we said Darren Helm was the player we feared most before the series. Yeah.
  • No use getting pissed off or frustrated.
  • Pens have to start using Wings-esque pick plays to free up Bing. We'll see it in Game 3. Probably get called for it.
  • Pens lose first two on the road. We've seen it before this year. Jusy sayin'.
  • The voice that tells us not to touch little boys isn't saying this series is over.
  • Bill McCreary has never heard that voice.