Is It Worth Trying To Make A “Pensblog” Ticket Exchange?
Something we have wanted to take care of for a long time.
Would there be any interest in a Pensblog ticket exchange, and could it work?
From the stories we have heard, the Penguins TicketExchange is not really effective.
Admittedly we tried to use it once, and our debit cards caught on fire. Buying from ticketmaster is the Paul Steigerwald of the online shopping experience.
So many questions would have to be answered, but since we have all summer feel free to bring some ideas. Shoot us an email, or leave it in the comments.
One of the biggest questions would be, if someone put their tickets up around noon on a gameday, how would we be able to transfer the tickets to the buyer?
The point of this would be the following:
1. To eliminate any service fees. (ticketmaster has a $10 fee for any ticket sold)
2. Elimante high ticket prices.
3. To make sure those who want to sell tickets can, and those who want to buy can as well.
Full discolsure, in a perfect world, we would buy the tickets from the seller. We would then resale for the tickets for face value, if not cheaper.
A friend of ours called us the morning of Game 2 against the Habs. Had two tickets, and could not get rid of them. The tickets went unsold. Such a shame. That was tough to handle knowing there were two empty seats for a playoff game.
So yea, let us know what you think. There so many issues as well with this, notwithstanding legality.
So bring it.


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