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This is why blogging in the NHL is so much fun.
You have NFL players and their family jobbing the Penguins.
You get into e-mail wars with Chris Cooley's brother.
But our feud with Chris Cooley, which will never die, by the way, is nothing compared to something else going on in the NHL Internet world.
Puck Daddy and Eklund are rumbling.
Jump city for the details.
Let's start here.  On Saturday, our boy Sean Leahy had a funny post on PUCK DADDY about the fake Brian Burke account on TWITTER.
If you go on to read the article, you'll see that the Brian Burke account is a fake ( OF COURSE ) and rather hilarious. There is no way any person in the world could think that was the real Brian Burke, right?   Well, maybe you would think so until you went and saw the messages he was posting:
Well, Eklund apparently missed Satire Class and actually went as far as to tell the real Brian Burke about the whole situation, and then he makes a post that will live forever in the hearts and minds of hypocrites everywhere. HOCKEY BUZZ
I texted Brian this morning to get his opinion on this article and put to rest what SHOULD have been obvious. twitter.com/brianburke is an imposter. I would have bet my ownership of hockeybuzz.com that the person writing as Brian Burke on twitter was in no way Burke himself. But you really have to fact check such things…
Unreal.  The whole self-righteous tone exhibited by Jokelund is overpowering
But there is more to this story.
See a long time ago, or an Internet far, far away. When Puck Daddy was at FANHOUSE, he wrote one of the best take out pieces we have ever seen written about anyone.  It was about Eklund.  Of course Eklund flipped out.
Fast-forward to this week.
Not only does Eklund job Puck Daddy about the Burke situation, but he scolds him.

Greg and everyone at PuckDaddy should know better. Regardless of your intent, whether or not you believed that this was actually Brian Burke writing here, you gave no indication to the readers that you weren't sure and reporting these "tweets" as quotes from Burke is not only morally bereft, it could cause further issues…Believe it or not, you can't just massage a story to further an agenda…Well you can, but sooner or later it catches up to you in one way or another.

Stunned.  The jobbing of Puck Daddy is toally uncalled for.  But we don't need to stick up for Puck Daddy, because he can take care of himself, as seen in this delightful rebuttal. PD

In his coverage of "Brian Burke" story, Dwayne claimed that Leahy "gave no indication to the readers" that the "Burke" feed was a parody. We understandably assumed that anyone who read the absurd "Tweets" from "Burke," or clicked through to the Twitter feed, would know that it was a parody. Then again, people pay for hockey rumors, too.

But the premise of Dwayne's argument is undeniably false and misleading. Every mention of "Brian Burke" in our story was between quotation marks, including in the headline. Dwayne removed those quotation marks when referencing our post on HockeyBuzz; altering our original content in order to present a false picture of our coverage to his readership and, in turn, an NHL executive.


A plague o' Eklund's apartment.

The best part came when Eklund said Puck Daddy Blog is why Greg isn't taken seriously or something.  Greg said he'll mention it at the next Professional Hockey Writers Association Meeting he goes to. FTW.

This saga will never die.  "Eklund" is tweeting about it.
Tom Renney joins HCMT in the employment line. Bullshit Bulletin
Torts is hired.  Scotty Hockey
Big-time stat.
:: IHCDB does like Letang. TRIB
:: Crosby doesn't like A.O. TRIB
That is not photoshopped.
Thanks to Kelly for the pic.

Please welcome our good friend PSAMP to Bloguin.
Big thanks to Sean's Ramblings for including us in his Pittsburgh blog tournament.
We rolled into the sweet 16 and are up against some Steelers blog that had some unkind words.
We'd ask for your help…
…but we're too busy packing our bags for the Elite Eight.
Not as good as "Bye Bye French Canadian Guy," but solid:
H/T to Puck Daddy