Introducing interim head coach Dan BlysmaPENS
Andre Savard was also relocated within the organization.
Why Shero is up this late on a Sunday night is beyond us.
Let's hope IHCDB wears that headset all the time.

“We believe we need a change in direction and, with 25 games remaining in the regular season, our goal remains to finish strong and qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs,” Shero said. “Dan Bylsma is one of the bright young coaches in the game and has done an exceptional job as the head coach in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton this season."

So, is this Shero throwing in the towel, bringing in a no-name coach while he goes out and gets his own coach?  Or is Dan Blysma the real deal?
Since half of the NHL team consists of Baby Pens, it may not be too bad.
Upon the release of this story, message-board posters everywhere don't know what to do with themselves without having Therrien to blame for everything.