I Don’t Think So, Tim. PENS WIN.

We will not do a traditional recap
until Chris Bourque scores, retires, or is sent to the minors.
What happened at the end of this game shouldn’t happen.  A broken stick sprung the Pens on a last-second chance.  Malkin steals a look at the clock at center ice and carries it in.  Crosby fills the lane.  Everyone forgets about Guerin.  Bill Guerin puts one home with 0.4 seconds left to tie the game.  Chalk up another unforgettable Mellon Arena moment.  Maybe lost in the drama at the end was how great the game was to watch.  The Capitals series was last year was fun.  A Boston series would be better.

And chalk up another failure on FSN’s part.   Malkin leading a 2-on-2 rush.  For some reason, the producer decides to zoom in on Malkin.  Why?  It robbed all of us from seeing Guerin sneaking in late.  Malkin passes, and by the time the camera cuts wide, Guerin scores.  Just frustrating.

Tim Thomas shitting his pants in OT was a given.

Signs of the Apocalypse:
— Jay McKee scores.
— Mark Eaton scores.
— Pascal Dupuis scores twice.
— If Chris Bourque scores, the four horsemen kill themselves.

Some pics from the game came in, and we’ll post them sometime Sunday.
Guerin’s goal with 0.4 left in a period has nothing on Alain Nasreddine scoring with 0.2 left.  [ BOX SCORE ]

0:48 mark.

Go Pens.
Go Home, Bourque.

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