Hurting Your Own Teammate: A Retrospective

It’s one of those things you laugh at even though you know you shouldn’t.
Obviously someone suffering an injury should never be funny.
Hockey is a fast, tough game and no one ever wants to see a player hurt.
However, it becomes a little easier to enjoy the pain when it’s been inflicted by a player’s own teammate.

There’s something about watching one team member inflict pain on another that brings a smile to our faces.
Of course,whenever it happens we hold back our laughter until we’re sure no one is seriously hurt.
Then, if everyone turns out okay, we figure it’s okay to laugh.

And we laugh.
Last night the Florida Panthers continued their quest to inflict injury on everyone wearing a Panthers jersey.

It seems like a bizarre goal to have, but it’s clearly the one they are aiming for.

Yesterday Panthers’ forward Gregory Campbell was injured by a big hit at the end of the second period.
The man who hit him was Bryan Allen, his teammate.

After the jump: the video and a look back at some other teammate-inflicted injuries.
Of course, Campbell isn’t the first Panther to be hurt by a member of his own team this year.
We all remember this:
But the Panthers don’t stop there.
No, they love hurting their own teammates.
Sure, it’s not funny, but it fits with our theme:
The Florida Panthers definitely hate themselves and have made it their mission to destroy their own team from the inside.
Of course it’s not just the Panthers that love to hurt themselves.
The Vokoun incident brought back memories of former Penguin Tomas Surovy unleashing his anger on Slovakian teammate Jaroslav Halak:
Now it wouldn’t be a discussion of senseless violence and irresponsible behavior without mentioning the Philadelphia Flyers.
Derian Hatcher truly is our favorite thug pylon.
Now, in the interest of objectivity, we have to include these:
If there’s one thing the Pensblog stands for, it’s objective, responsible, unbiased commentary.
And now, to end this post on a happy note, possibly our favorite teammate-inflicted injury of all time:
Go Pens.