Hurricane Geno. PENS WIN.
In 1999, Hurricane Eugene formed from a wave off the coast of Africa,
banged some chick, and breezed to the central Pacific somewhere.
It reached Hawaii and just fell apart.
In 2009, Hurricane Geno formed in the first period of Game 2 as a tropical depression.
By the time the third period was over, it was a Category 5 hurricane
and the Red Cross was on the way to Cam Ward's crease.
And that was the game.
It was prevalent from the get-go that the Canes' game plan
was to beat the hell out of Crosby and Malkin and see where the line was.

How is that working out?
After he had enough of Chad Larose's garba Malkin simply took the game over.
There's no whining about officiating after this one.
No Penguin/Crosby bias talk.
The Canes seemingly left everything on the ice. They just got beat.
But heavy is the head that wears the crown.
The fever is way too high right now, and for just cause.
We were at the game tonight, and after all the talk of how quiet the crowd was Monday night,
there was something magical in the air.
Walking to the car after the game was surreal.
The Pens have held serve, just like Washington did in the last series.
We now travel to RBC.
But let's just sit back and watch these highlights like 30 times for now.
daver, ESkee, Fiddy14, heals26, DirtyJangus, Decker, joey l.,
rkr, jjmcg, laura, Crystal W. EJW, Russel.
Jimmerson wastes no time and belts out the national anthem in 3.5 seconds.
Rod the Bod Brind'Amour makes a mistake. Kunitz to Bing. 1-0.
Sixth time Bing has opened a game in the playoffs with a goal.
Carolina was completely unfazed. They stormed back.  Larose has been everywhere.

The Pens responded later, though.
Malkin comes flying straight from the bench right to where he had to be.  2-1.
Iso cams are bank.
Again, the Hurricanes were all-in. Pinching one D-man in.
They score while Barbaro is announcing the Malkin goal.

Canes would not stop.
Seidenberg beats MAF on a slap shot.
Hurricanes could not have played any better.
Going into the second, you had to think the Canes had completely wasted themselves after that emotional first period.

The Pens were taking it to the Canes.
Out of nowhere, Malkin does an unreal chip to Talbot.
Slapperblog.  3-3.
h/t Ashley T.
Operation Mess Up Crosby's Shit continued.  And failed…
They got away with a lot, but a high stick put the Pens on a PP.
The puck may have left the Canes' zone for like 14 seconds on that one.
But the Pens couldn't put it home.
The Scott Walker tries to kill Malkin.  Too bad it wasn't a sucker punch.  Dick.
Malkin then gets involved with Larose.
Look at Adams' face. You know he called Larose a joke.

Malkin and Larose go off after that play.
Then Eric Staal goes diving.   Tenko goes off.
Canes get a big-time 4-on-3 PP for about 40 seconds maybe.
And they blow it.  Did they even have a shot?????

After Fedotenko's penalty expired, he led a rush up ice that resulted in Adams putting a shot.
People were looking for the rebound like it was a butt in a prison.
But no dice.  Ward slows it down with a whistle.

The fans were already in it, but that stretch of hockey took it up another notch.

Gonchar and Cole went off for match penalties.
Surprised Cole didn't fake another injury.

4-on-4 hockey is what life is all about.
Both teams have a minute each on the attack.   No dice.
Crosby wound up for a slapshot for the third time this season, faked it, toedrag.  Ward.

The Pens have an unreal shift at the end of the second. Eaton keeps it in.
Kunitz fakes out a lazy Cane and heads to the net.
sigh of relief and a 4-3 lead.
Such a deserving goal.
The worst thing to happen to the Pens was the period ending.
There was some unreal people in the crowd tonight.
This guy:
Not only did we have "Steel Man," but we had this guy:
He didn't sit down all game. He started several "A-Hole" chants.
We also had the guy highlighted here:
This guy defined being a fan. He had a Jiri Slegr jersey on and a painted face.
He never sat down. He was on Cam Ward all game. He was gesturing, taunting.
Sticking his hand through the camera holes to point at Hurricane players.
This guy was magic as well.
He had like 40 signs.
Can you spot the fail?
h/t Dan S.
To start the third, we kind of got pissed.
Versus did a highlight recap of the game up to that point.
They show Crosby, Malkin, and Kunitz scoring.
All they show for the Canes is Staal getting jobbed.
If you missed the first period, the lack of those highlights stood out.
Just a poor job by Versus.  You get a taste of how pissed non-Pens fans can get.
In the arena the fans were out of it to start the third.
After a great second period performance, everyone was tired.
Adams crushes some dude, and no one cares.

The groan after Eaves' goal was louder than the ovation for that Adams hit.  4-4.
Gloom and doom.
No clue why a LET'S GO PENS chant isn't started right after that goal.

Matt Cullen goes to the box again for jobbing Crosby.
He ain't the Devils' John Madden.
What'd the Pens get, one shot on the PP?

The Canes were lurking.  You could feel it.

But then, it happened.……
The Pens started to work. And the fans started to get invloved.
Then all of sudden the crowd starts chanting GENO. Don't even remember why. Don't want to.
Disco Dan sneaks Bing and Malkin on the ice.  Kunitz does the right thing and gets the puck on net.
…Geno.. Geno.. Geno.. Geno…..
He gets a couple whacks at a rebound.
What was Gleason doing?
The Mellon was ablaze.
Still like 9 minutes left. Father Time in the house.
And even he wouldn't believe what was about to happen.
After the third line generates another chance Malkin hops over the boards to take the faceoff.
He wins the faceoff forward to himself. He gets the puck and glides around the net.
You think to yourself, "man, could you imagine if he scored?  This place would go nu–"
And then you see the net rattle and the red light.
Jesus, the red light.
Hats fly.
Malkin made a move that is not only impossible to defend, but nearly impossible to do. Blind backhand top-shelf?
No way.  It was just one of those goals that leaves you speechless.

2:02 mark.
You never hear Mike Lange say "OHHH"
Carrot Cittttyyy
How is this even possible.
A two-goal deficit is nothing to the Hurricanes.
Still way too much time left.
They get a solid chance with a dude breaking between the defense.
MAF flop-saves it.
Then a post was hit.
MAF was almost a non-factor after the first period.
Jesus Christ himself couldn't save the shots coming from the desperate Canes in the first.
Kennedy ices it with an Empty netter.
Than things got ugly. The Hurricanes melted down, and someone try to kill Letang. And then Miro Satan went nuts:
If someone told you Miro Satan would be leaving the ice to a standing ovation in the eastern conference finals………
Only in the playoffs.
  • If fans played on the ice, the Pens would be losing Game Three.
  • How tough is the RBC center going to be?
  • Bill Cowher could seal his own fate on saturday night.
  • The lawn outside =incredible.
  • if you sent us pics, sorry if we didn't get to post them. Look for a complete wrap up of the game this afternoon with Rick.
  • Can the Hurricanes recover from this?
  • YAHOO Pics of the game.
Check out Malkin's car before the game:
What a parking job.
It's almost like he wanted to get into the arena as fast as possible.
Go Pens.
Another late edit.
There was a guy playing the Pens song on bagpipes before the game: