"I was at the Columbus Clippers game (the Cleveland Indians AAA affiliate) in Columbus, Ohio on August 14th. At this game Hacksaw Jim Duggan not only threw out the first pitch (a strike) but he was signing autographs throughout the game. Somewhere around the 6th inning and my 5th beer I decided that 24 was not too old to stand in line and get an autograph from an American legend.

When I got up to Hacksaw he asked me who I wanted the autograph made out to. I said, "Could you possibly write 'Go Pens'?" He looked at me like I was an idiot, which is probably appropriate. Anyway, I told him about his almost cult-like following among Penguins fans due to your site and how his picture was a go to picture before games. He told me he was not aware of it but that he was flattered and would definitely check out the site to see for himself. He asked me for the name of the site twice so hopefully he remembers. He also thought it was hilarious. So, he did sign my picture "Go Pens" only he had already written "To" when he asked for my name, so technically it says "To Go Pens" but it's close enough.

All in all he seemed very happy to have a following in such a random fanbase and was an extremely nice guy. Naturally after he signed we took a picture together giving the thumbs up which is probably the single greatest accomplishment of my life."

— Zach I





Who wants to drink Chris Chelios?


Todd Bertuzzi is a Red Wing.
One year, $1.5 million.

"I like the Lemieux moments when he’d score a goal and the fans would pay a tribute to him… I remember the announcer yelling, 'Mario Lemieuxxxxxx.' Then the fans would go crazy. That was special. It was pretty chilling."

— Bryan Trottier

"Sidney is a true inspiration for Nova Scotians, especially for our young people."

— Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter



Fitz is in midseason form:


To Go Pens.