Hold The Line. PENS WIN.

At the end of the second period, this series was over; belief wavering.
People always talk about how tough it is to win the Stanley Cup.
We now understand that more than ever.
The Wings dominated the second period.
Almost enough to make you say to yourself, "This isn't worth it. I can't do it."
The Wings showed you how nearly impossible this dream is. When they are on, they are a machine.
But they just couldn't score. They couldn't deliver the kill shot.
It was arguably their best period of the series. And they had nothing to show for it.
So there was no throwing in the towel. Instead, you live and die with Hal Gill every time he is on the ice. You know there are thousands of others in their livings rooms and basements going through the same thing. And that makes all the difference.
In Game Three, Justice showed her beautiful face.
We sincerely hope Detroit fans aren't calling Crosby a whiner.
Johan Franzen's reaction to his obvious tripping call is the definition of whining. And then he holds his ear like he got shot after a clean body check.
Why can every player on every other team go to the box when they know they've tripped someone?
But Wings players act like they were just wrongfully accused of murder? Waaaaaahmbulance.
And then Jonathan Ericsson's embarassing interference in the third period.
Finally they got called on it.
And the Pens buried it. Game.
But unfortunately, Game Three means nothing right now.
Besides gay blogs talking about it, it is in the rearview mirror.
And here we are, facing the same situation we faced one year ago.
Every person invested in this series is in the same place they were a year ago.
Detroit fans are shrugging it off, as they know they just need a split of the games in Pittsburgh.
Penguin fans are riding high, knowing the Red Wings are beatable.
Game Four is where we get to right all the wrongs of last year.
And guess what — Sidney Crosby isn't even a factor yet. Scary.
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Charlie all business on the Versus intro:
He is also dating that homo from American Idol:
That is not 'shopped. Thanks to Big Bob via Twitter for the tip.
There have been a lot of Charlie lookalikes in our day.
But this one is unreal.
Buries it:
The thing about playing the Wings is that during the off-day, you convince yourself that the Pens are fine and the Wings are mud. Then Franzen touches the puck or a Pen commits a turnover, and you feel like pooping.
The Pens came out firing.

Crosby gets the first chance but passes it up to set up Guerin. Thwarted.

The Pens were finally playing the Red Wings' game.

Everywhere, the Pens were taking the body, no matter where the puck was.
It was great.

The Pens are able to right the ship early. Letang keeps a puck in.
Malkin tracks it down in the corner. Talbot high slot.
Is there anything better than looking at those people's faces?
The classy Wings came back, however.
MAF was hung out to dry. Zetterberg. 1-1.

The Pens interfering with everything in white was still beautiful to watch.
Almost as beautiful as watching Wings players whining about it.
Oh, but the Pens were gonna get called for it. Go figure.
Cleary almost breaks his neck on the flop.

Adams gets interfered with on the PK. Just unreal. No call.
As blatant as it gets.
Then Samuelsson jobs Scuderi in front, even trips him up. Goal.
what a dick. 2-1.

The Pens catch a break when they have 6 guys on the ice for an hour, but no call.
Babcock probably just let them do it anyway.
No clue how the ref doesn't see it. Then again…

The Pens got their own power play near the end of the first when Cleary jobs Eaton.
And Letang puts it home. Softy city.
Ross The Boss McKeon is up to his old tricks at YAHOO again.
Read this:
Sounds like someone wants summer to start early.
Yeah, we get the too-many-men thing. It wasn't missed on purpose.
We wish they would have scored.
We didn't get the memo that the officiating was benefiting the Pens in this series.
And why the italics on "always dangerous"?
Does a player have to be dangerous to draw a holding penalty?
What a stupid statement.
If anything, it's a dig on Cleary holding someone who doesn't need to be held.
Major Penalty: Ross McKeon behind a keyboard.
Oh. P.S. remember how Zetterberg covered the puck in Game 1?
Things even out. jokes.
At the end of the first, Johan Franzen trips up Adams and acts like he has no clue what happened.
Immediately after Adams falls, Franzen pushes down on him then does the same "push down" motion to the referee who was calling the tripping penalty, apparently trying to say he pushed Adams down. Really?
Every other player in the NHL goes to the box knowing they tripped someone up. But not Franzen. Wow.
But the Pens couldn't capitalize. Couldn't even set up.


The Red Wings were no joke coming out in the second.
Bad turnover by Tenko gives Samuelsson a breakaway. Post city.
The Red Wings get another chance in the zone. Big save.

Malkin went the other way and sent a low slapper in on Osgood.
Seems to be the weakness.
Only chance for the Pens because this was happening for a good bit:

A disturbing theme was starting to become prevalent in the second.
The Wings were gaining the zone and pulling up…and the Pens D backed off.
It was becoming a shooting gallery on MAF.
It's been around all series, but the Wings started falling back on it now.

It was Red Wings hockey for most of the second.
Probably should have just taken a nap.

At the end of the period, Darren Helm works and draws a penalty.
The Pens kill it. Huge.

A nice interference on Fedotenko rounds out the period.
Pens come out a different team.
Big-time chances in front. But Osgood makes some saves.
Third period was lockdown city. Almost more than the second period was.
Fastest chess game in the world.
The game slips under ten minutes to play.
You make promises to God.
Chip Ericsson breaks out one of the more obvious penalties of the series.
The Pens get the call.
The Powerplay is relentless.
Finally Malkin dishes to Gonch.
Blistering shot.
And this little piggie went home stunned.
[H/t to Christmas Ape]
Disco was all business after the goal:
Father Time strolls into the Mellon.
The next nine minutes blood and guts.
Every time Hal Gill was on the ice you were helping him through his shift.
MAF made a few big saves.
Next thing you know, Osgood was coming out the net.
Wings looked tired.
Some pile-up happens. Puck squirts to Talbot.
Goosebumps city when they show the outside
  • Matt Cooke's mission has become to eliminate Darren Helm. Nice.
  • Cooke's new job will be to relentlessly pound Pavel Datsyuk when he decides he wants to play.
  • Lidstrom is old. All he does is clutch and grab. Kind of sad seeing his talent slip.
  • Jonathan Ericsson is still the achilles' heel on the Detroit blue line.
  • Three long-range shots beating Osgood.
  • Pens undefeated when Max Talbot scores a playoff goal. Meaningless stat, but cool nonetheless.
"It was a power-play game," coach Mike Babcock said over the Versus broadcast after the loss. "They got three and we got two."
"At that point, they took over. They got the power play in the third and we didn't"
How the Red Wings complain about the officals is beyond us.
We have a a friend sitting behind the Wangs bench on Thursday?
Any ideas for a sign?
Go Pens