History Repeats Itself. PENS LOSE.

Seriously the best part of this game?
It was actually good.
After playing six games against the Flyers,
you get used to players taking cheap shots and running people.
AO took a couple runs.
He got one on Cooke that unfortunately changed the game.
Then he took a run at Crosby that failed.
But that's the game.
And it was an entertaining game; a breath of fresh air after the Flyers series.
This was actual hockey.

In the Flyers series, Marc-Andre Fleury made an unreal save late in Game Two.
The save kept the Pens in the hunt. They later tied it and won in OT.
Flyers fans hung their hats on that play, convincing themselves
that a couple of bounces could have turned the series on its head.
Fast-forward to Saturday afternoon.
The Pens had just tied it 2-2 on the weakest goal of the 2009 playoffs.
Then they get their 20th odd-man break of the game.
Varlamov makes the save of the 2009 playoffs.
Luck is involved whenever a desperation save like that is made.
Luck is not involved when you completely castrate a power play
that has three perennial All-Stars on it.
The Capitals did what they had to do in order to win this game.
The Penguins did what they had to do in order to lose this game.
Watching that save for the rest of this series
in the highlight reels before every game is going to be tough.
C'est la vie.
If yesterday's game was any indication, every game is going to be close.
From Mike Lange:
In their history, the Pens have lost the first game to the Caps 6 out of 7 times.
From your experience as a hockey fan:
You have to get a split on the road to start a series.
Monday Night: Raw is War
"Read More."

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picture 20
NBC hardly had marketing for this game the last few days.
But it was all Crosby-Ovechkin, all the time, as soon as the clock hit 1:00.
If you didn't kill yourself watching WPXI's pre-game, you saw the opening face-off.

The Caps gave the Pens a few scares early on.
Because shots that hit the glass behind MAF are dangerous.

The Pens spent most of the first 10 minutes of the game in the Caps zone.
Kennedy-Staal-Cooke were dominating.

Out of nowhere, Crosby was flying into the Caps zone.
Erskine forgets who has the puck, lets Bing into the slot.

Varmalade City. 1-0.
How many games have you watched Sidney Crosby play? Upwards of 200?
Have you ever seen him score coming across the high slot like that?
What a weak and bizarre goal to give up.

The Pens D felt like it was gonna break down any second.
But they were holding the fort.
Mark Eaton gets a high stick in the chops.

The Pens were getting in passing lanes in their own zone, getting the job done.
Staal races for a loose puck in the neutral zone.
Fedorov realizes this isn't 1997 anymore and doesn't have the speed to get to the puck and interferes with Staal.
Pens get their first PP of the game.

8 Caps fans whoop Gonchar when he carries the puck.
Pens can't capitalize.

After the PP, the Pens make their first mistake.
It was high-risk, high-reward when Malkin tried to pick off a pass in the Caps' high slot.
It resulted in him being caught back and not being able to pick up Steckel.

And he knows it.
He picks that pass off and just lobs it at Varmalade, it's 2-0.
Edzo reminds us he coached Matt Bradley in the replay of the goal.
We remind Edzo that his winning percentage is lower than Susan Boyle's IQ.

Gonchar whoops it over the glass and the Pens have to kill a penalty.
Ovechkin jobs Cooke. Cooke doesn't like it.
Cooke eventually takes a penalty.
If you don't have to kill a 5-on-3, you aren't living.

Unfortunately, the pens couldn't kill it.

Just too much ice. Ovechkin with the alley-oop. 2-1.
Phil Bourque was upset about this on the radio side. And looking at it, it is borderline.
But take a look at the slight interference run by Mike Green on this goal.
Green makes the pass to Backstrom, and then goes towards Staal:
Green picks Staal, so he can't get to the point man:
Semin gets it to A.O. for goal city:
Staal is pissed, looking at the ref.
Really just a well-drawn-up play.
This doesn't happen if the Pens don't put themselves down two men. Case closed.
The Pens had a PP chance at the end of the period that would carry to the 2nd

picture 24

Our good friend at [Pens Universe] is trying to come to Pittsburgh,
and he is asking for five bucks.
Honestly, every game, you see people with the away team's jerseys behind the benches.
Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

picture 21
Pens had move giveways than whatev to start the second. The Capitals were everywhere. Everytime A.O. touched the puck, it was scary. But he's hurt.
MAF held the fort, and the Pens slowly began to build momentum back.
Pens get a powerplay, but it just isn't there. To be fair, it really hasn't been there all season.
Late on one of the chances, Eaton gets a chance, but Varmlade makes a basic NHL save.
Cap have some unrealistic chance off a Malkin turnover. But MAF stands tall.
Then out of nowhere, Malkin works his balls off on the boards. Pass to the point.
Eaton. Softest goal of the 2009 playoffs.
Bill Buckner called. Wants his glove back.
You seriously give up this goal?
Paraphrasing Caps D-man Mike Green:
"If he only gives up one soft goal a game, we'll be all right."
Pens turn it on. Malkin makes an unreal pass to Tenko, Tenko to Sykora.
Varlamov makes a big-time save.

Crosby and Kunitz break out on a harmless 2-on-2.
Because the Caps defense is trash, it turns into a scoring chance somehow.
Kunitz gets it to Bing.
Wendell Young could make desperation saves, too.
66 Buries it.
Honestly, the save will haunt us for the rest of the series.
We can make up excuses all day because it is fun to take credit away from the Capitals, but it was a game-changing save.

The rest of the period was spent trying to watch the replay and make the puck go in.
picture 24
The Penguins and Mikey And Bob from KISS FM are holding a scavenger hunt on Tuesday morning starting in the 10am hour, and the clues will only be available via Twitter.
Followers on Twitter will have a chance to win tickets
to Penguins vs. Capitals Game Three on Wednesday at Mellon Arena.
There will be multiple pairs of tickets to win at multiple locations
from clues given out over Twitter Tuesday morning.
We have now managed to say the same thing almost three different ways.

Start following these Twitter feeds:

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picture 22
Clean slate to start the third. But not for long.
Washington gets someone on the doorstep.
Twice the Capitals have scored by getting someone right on top of MAF.
No running involved. Just crashing the net.
After the goal, Fedorov takes his second bizarre penalty of the game.
The Pens get some chances. Some joke loses his stick.
Washington was running, but loose pucks kept careening to the boards.
Pens just couldn't get the powerplay to click.
They got another powerplay later on..
But it wasn't happening today.
Every save Varmalade makes, the crowd roars, trying to infuse confidence in the poor kid.
Malkin makes a digusting pass to Tenko. Can't finish.
Pens pull MAF.
Try for a last-second tie, but it wasn't meant to be.
  • Not having to listen Pierre McGuire is the greatest thing ever.
  • Best officated game in the last ten years.
  • Malkin should have gotten called for that trip along the boards in the third, though.
  • Pens had more odd-man chances in this game than in the entire Flyers series.
  • A.O. looks hurt.
  • Unreal FLICKR page of photos from Game One.
Sorry, but have to job the boys up at [Pensburgh] for this:
PENSBURGH has been consistently dominant all season.
But that's just rough.
Malkin had that one good chance with the Malkin Shot coming off the right boards on the PP.
And he was setting up more people than eHarmony all game.
Just a rough thing to say.

from [docc8]
Malkin-71 is a true American for just standing there and taking it.
Is he the same dude in the top pic pointing at someone in defiance?
Are are those two dudes wearing the same exact pair of Airwalks?
thanks to [Hand of Godard]
go pens