Here We Go Again


Today is September 12th.
Three months ago the Pittsburgh Penguins raised the Stanley Cup.
Now, three months to the day, the Pittsburgh Penguins are back at camp.

Tomorrow they take to the ice for the first time this season.

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Soon skates will cut across that fresh, white surface.
Pucks will glide and checks will be thrown.
Shortly, they will be followed by the crowds.
The old building will once again fill with fans, cheering on their heroes.
As the season continues the crowds will grow.
The games will get more intense.
The hits will be harder, the skating will be faster, and the energy in the building will reach a fever pitch.

But today, there is just ice.

A new beginning.







The Pens are launching an HD radio channel on October 1st.

Dany Heatley is a San Jose Shark.


The Sharks traded  Milan Michalek, Jonathan Cheechoo and a second round pick to Ottawa in exchange for Heatley and a fifith round pick.

Now the only offseason distractions left are Balsille and the Coyotes and  Mats Sundin's continued indecisiveness.








Stephen S. has new illustrations up on eBay.




You can bid on them here.


The players hit the ice tomorrow.

Go Pens.