Henrik Sedin Wins Evgeni Malkin’s 2009 MVP Award,Bing and Staal Shutout

Not really a big deal, but kind of interesting.

Last season Evgeni Malkin was snubbed for the league MVP depsite being the Art Ross winner, and you know, the most valuable player to his team.

Henrik Sedin, this years Art Ross winner, beat out Bing and A.O. for the league MVP award last night with the following stat lines:
29 goals 85 assists 112 points
Malkin was deemed not the MVP last year with the following stats:
35 goals 78 assist 113 points
Check the research out:
Sedin's split stats '10 [yahoo]
Malkin's split stats '09 [yahoo]
Sedin in 2010 and Malkin 2009 are stat wise the same season. Even better, A.O. last years MVP winner had one point less than his 110 total this year. The only difference is that A.O. scored 56 goals last year.
[Puck Daddy] has the offical tallies, and Crosby, the Rocket Richard winner finished a distance third place.
Even worse Bing had to get his picture with Snoop Dog.
Is is mandatory for Snoop Dog to flash a gang sign in every pic? We get it dude.You're the ganster that lives in some gated community in West Palm beach. Crosby probably got drunk and thought he was in Hill District or some shit.
[thanks to Freakshow for the pic]
Crosby did win the Mark Messier award. Yawn
Also at the awards Jordan Staal did not win the Selke. And yea.
Thanks to the trib for this video of Staal and Bing and a very Al Jazeera hostage like apperance from doube R.