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He Once Had An Awkward Moment Just To See What It Would Be Like


Let's face it.
The whole Gary Roberts/Chuck Norris thing is actually vomit inducing now.
Like if you still make those jokes, everyone hates you; they just don't tell you.
But,we don't know.
This commercial for Dos Equis is hilarious.
Nothing else going on.
How unreal are sports right now.
After Yanni Gate, there have been all kinds of arena conflicts going on. In the NBA, Vince Mcmahon challenged the Nuggets owner to a steel cage match because the Nuggets and WWE are at odds over some game.
The big deal here is less than a minute in,
Vinnie Mac calls it the World Wrestling FEDERATION.
And then news broke recently from [Empty Netters]
about the Hurricanes cancelling Elmo's show because of a possible Game 6 conflict.
Anyone remember the last time there were so many conflicts in a playoff season?
Needless to say, Elmo did not take the news well.
This game should have already been played.
We got nothing else to say until Gameday.
Go Pens.