Happy Homo Friday

The difference in the pic is that the Couch played defense once.
Whats up homos?
After two years of virtual silence, I finally convinced Derek and Adam that I should be allowed to post.
So here I am.
For those who don’t know me, I am one of the first gay hockey bloggers alive[ sans the chief at abel to joke]
I have been filtering anti-homo statements from the members of the Pensblog for the last two years.
I have so much dirt on them it is digusting. I am gay and proud. The reason I first approached the Pensblog two years ago is because I saw two bigots on the internet that were out of control. JUST KIDDING.. I just wanted to touch Adam’s pp
But for real, there is nothing wrong with a good gay joke if it is tastefully done. It is not my fault some people are fags and can’t take a little joke.
Anways, I have been a Pens fan since for as long as I can remember blah blah…
The purpose of my new found posting will be a weekly type of thing. If you all have any questions, tips please contact me at thepensblocharlie@gmail.com
I would love to hear from you!!
Now I wanted to post this in honor of my new favorite show, “Jershey shore.”
This guy needs to be a gameday character.
Tommy 4 life.