Hacking Through The Bullshit

Zero hour is rapidly approaching.
Now, none of us are General Managers.  If we were, Jagr would be on the Pens as an overpaid winger, Nic Cage would be training and conditioning coach, and we would've swung some trade for Teemu Selanne by now.
As idiotic as those moves would be (Cage being overqualified for the job), we aren't serious.
They're just wet dreams.
But some of the trade rumors and trade proposals circulating right now can leave you speechless.
Case in point, the stream of piss coming from BLEACHER REPORT.
Click these to go to the respective articles:
Both of those articles start with a disclaimer of some sorts to the effect of "Now, now, wait a minute.  Hear me out.  I'm a Pens fan, man."   If you have to start out a column with that kind of disclaimer, it's already destined to failure.


Apparently there's rumors "whirling" that Malkin's getting tired of the Pens being Crosby's team?
But hang on.  That blue text means the writer is linking to proof of Malkin's discontent, right?
Oh, never mind.  That link takes you nowhere.  Man.
Gotta love ambiguous statements placed into an article just to push the reader along.
Whew.  Now we're making sense.
The only goal is to have Crosby win the Art Ross.
Why hasn't anyone else realized this?  The Cup is just a bonus after the Art Ross.
If this isn't what the writer means, it shouldn't have been in the article at all.
There's just ridiculous shit being talked about right now.
The core of this roster is still 5 years FROM HITTING THEIR PRIME.
And they have already won a Stanley Cup.
Shero has already proven that the core is a winning formula.


Oh, God.
How many productive games did Crosby and Nash have together?  One?  Against Norway?
Looks like that chemistry is "rare."
There's no stopping people.
There's no reason to link to these clowns.
But we haven't put our thoughts down for about two weeks.
Had to get back in the game.
Can't believe we're making it a point to watch COL-DET tonight on Versus.
F'in Olympics.