Gretzky Sucks. PENS LOSE.

Late recap today.  We’ve been focusing our efforts on getting Rinkotology out ASAP.

On a night when the world was focused on Vancouver, Sidney Crosby showed why he deserves to be the focus in the Olympics.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end up the way we wanted them to.

The Devils won last night, so they are two points ahead of the Pens and they’ve played one fewer game.

This was one of those games where you’d glad the Pens at least got a point.

One more game before the Olympic break.
Erik Christensen starts the game for the Pens.  Are we the only ones that didn’t remember he was still in the NHL?
About three minutes in Del Zotto and Malkin fight over a puck in the corner.  Del Zotto falls and lands on Malkin’s skate.
Apparently he needed 50 stitches to close the the cut.
There’s some hard hitting early on.  Cooke hits Gilroy with a borderline hit from behind.
He then creates a two-on-one with Jordan Staal.  Cooke does a pretty nice deke, but Lundqvist makes the save.
Henik isn’t so lucky a few minutes later.  Malkin kicks the puck to Guerin who passes to Crosby.  Sid gets number 40. 1-0.
The Rangers try to storm right back.  Brent Johnson stands tall.
Crosby is on fire.  He makes some great moves in the Rangers zone and gets the puck to Malkin, but Lundqvist is the only reason this is still a one goal game.

Rozsival takes a penalty and the Penguins end up on the power play.
Letang is on the blue line with Gonchar.
The Pens get a few chances, but no goal.

The Penguins keep the pressure on, but Lundqvist keeps his team in the game.

Rosival and Fedotenko get involved in a scrum in front of the Rangers net.  Did anyone actually think those two were going to fight?
Christensen reminds the Penguins that he exists and he takes the puck from Orpik.
Johnson’s there with the save.
They’re crediting Yahoo! Sports?
Johnson tries for a poke check.  He misses the puck but it stays out anyway.
The Rangers keep the pressure on.  Dubinsky one times it past Johnson. 1-1.
At some point Marian Gaborik left the game.  We’re not sure when but it’s likely related to his existing injury.
The Rangers have the advantage this period and they keep firing.  Johnson is strong so far.
Malkin and Fedotenko rush toward the net.  Malkin passes to Feds who misses the net.
Eaton blocks a shot and is slow to get up.  The Rangers keep the pressure on.
Prospal scores.
Cooke gets hit by Drury and the two exchange pleasantries.  They drop the gloves.  Both get fighting majors and Cooke gets an extra two for unsportsmanlike.  Rosival gets a misconduct.  Rangers powerplay.
The Pens do an excellent job killing it off, getting a couple of shorthanded chances.
They did so well shorthanded that Guerin takes a penalty so they have another chance.
The Rangers can’t score.
Johnson gets into a collision in his crease.  He goes down and ends up leaving the game.  Dan Bylsma calls it a lower body injury.
Fleury is now in net for the Pens.
The Penguins get a couple of chances towards the end of the period, but Lundqvist is there to stop them.
There’s some rough stuff as the horn sounds. 
Marc-Andre Fleury’s Canadian Olympic mask:
The Pens start the third with a few good chances.
Crosby is stopped by Lundqvist.  Kennedy is stopped by Lundqvist.
Matt Cooke is hit with a high stick by someone named Staal.  We wonder if Marc is related to Jordan but assume the announcers would have mentioned it if that were the case.
Penguins power play.
Sid redirects a shot from Gonchar.
Letestu gets called for hooking.  Rangers power play.
No dice.
The Penguins penalty killing is pretty strong.
Orpik and Prospal try to mix it up, but the refs put a stop to that.
There are a couple of chances, but not much happens for the rest of the period.
Maybe the teams started watching the opening ceremony on the bench.
Letang with a slapper in the final minute but, once again, Lundqvist is there.
JOKEinen and his mustache score. 3-2.
Fleury is thrown under ten buses for that goal.  We refuse to do so.  Who would you rather have in net, realistically?