Goodbye GeoCities, Pens Halloween Costumes and more






GeoCities – home to thousands of awesomely retro animated gifs and never updated personal web pages – is officially closed as of today.

As a way of saying goodbye, we suggest you check out our old post on GeoCities, Tripod and Angelfire pages.
Some of those pages may even still work.

And, the next time the Pens score, you might want to play this.

Today is our ode to GeoCities.



There's something amazing about the old GeoCities sites that will die today.
For anyone who was on the Internet in the mid-to-late 90s, GeoCities pages probably took up a large percentage of your life.

The number of old school wrestling sites, hockey fan pages and band tribute sites online decreased significantly today.


After the jump, a big Rob Scuderi hit, the Pens dress up for Halloween and more Geocities goodness.



Rob Scuderi delivered a big hit on Jason Chimera last night.


Was it too low?

Will the NHL care or will they ignore what the infraction actually was and make their decision based on star power, as they usually do?


Eric Godard was a Care Bear and Marc-Andre Fleury was Kermit the Frog.

"For some reason he is always wearing tights with his costumes… I don’t know why that is. He was Cat Woman before and now he was a frog with leggings so maybe it just means he likes to wear tights. I don’t know."

— Sidney Crosby on Marc-Andre Fleury

Let's be honest. If Fleury and Talbot weren't on the Pens, how much would we job them?
Though they'd probably be too busy winning the Stanley Cup to read our blog.

So we love them.


Speaking of Halloween…

If you have a Pensblog or Penguins related costume, send it to us.
We'll be giving away some t-shirts and stuff for the best costumes.
We've got a lot of great carved pumpkins so far.
We'll post them soon.

Send your emails to thepensblog@gmail.com and put the word "Halloween" in the subject.


A few more old pics from our trip around GeoCities:







All of those are from the original "Lets Go Pens" page on GeoCities.