God Hates The Capitals


Ted Leonsis is at it again:

Hockey Gods are Angry

Clank! We hit the post. Clank! We hit the post again.

We lost by one goal. We lost yet another player to injury.

Last year, we were fourth in man games lost to injury. We are giving it a good run again this season to be a leader in man games lost.

Tom Poti was hurt in the first period. Hence we didn’t have Poti, Jurcina and Morrisonn on D in the lineup. We didn’t have Semin, Knuble, Gordon, Laing and Nylander in the lineup front. We didn’t have Theodore either in goal. That is goofy, huh? $25 million in payroll NOT playing.

We still could have won that game but missing this many players does scramble the game plan and the rhythm of the team. No one feels sorry for us. We can’t use injuries as an excuse. We just have to tough it out.

And because the hockey gods are angry, we play yet tonight – in Toronto – back to back games.

I shall make my sacrifices to the hockey gods this afternoon. Try to appease them and make them take pity on our mortal souls. As is said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Go Caps!

Apparently Michael Nylander is out of the line-up due to injury, not because the team doesn’t want him playing.
The fact that he hasn’t played for the team all season and that he is basically off of the team at this point also doesn’t matter.
But Ted doesn’t stop there.

Our Coach Says It is a Good Point

So it is a good point. Who are we to argue?

We played very short-handed again with seven players out in a back to back game in Toronto at their home rink last night. We tied in regulation and in OT; we lost in the shootout to gain one point.

Our goaltender was outstanding last night. He deserved a better fate. Sometimes I enjoy the shootout and sometimes I loathe it. Guess how I felt last night?

We now have 31 points. We remain in first place in the East. We have played the same amount of games as the Pens who have 30 points. Both teams have played 23 games to date as the season is flying by.

We are battling though injuries and we are tired.

But we have no excuses. We have to keep playing well on the road and be productive. We play 4 games in 6 nights. We can’t feel sorry for ourselves.

This is a tough stretch. It is good to get some many players ice time in the NHL but we need to keep up the productivity of garnering points and playing well short-handed.

Onward. Go Caps!

We must have missed the Mario Lemieux blog post where he blamed injuries, the schedule and a 37-year-old player in the press box for the team’s struggles.
We almost hate to pick on the Capitals.
It’s like beating up on the cocky kid that calls you a “poopy head” as he rides by on his tricycle.
It almost seems a little unfair.
But it’s Sunday afternoon and there isn’t much else going on.
Especially when the team’s owner makes a point to mention that his team is ahead of the Penguins in the standings.
In November.
Suuuuuuck it.
Go Pens.