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PUCK DADDY sent this along to Pens fans in DC.
The Puck Daddy/Japers’ Rink Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Viewing Party is Thursday, Jan. 21 beginning at 6 p.m. Location is the big room at Bailey’s Pub & Grille at the Ballston Mall (where we held our NHL Awards viewing party), located at 4233 Wilson Blvd. in Arlington (703-465-1300). There’s plenty of garage parking, and it’s within walking distance of the Ballston-MU (Orange Line) Metro.
It will be interesting to see if Pens fans will take over that too.
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Got this email a long time ago, and asked the writer to send it closer to the Pens/Caps.

I relocated to Denver about 6 months ago and as a Pittsburgher and life-long Pens fan, NHL Center Ice is my teat. Having already watched the Penguins dismantle the Flyers, I thought it appropriate to go to the Avalanche game, heckle Ovie and hope for a Penguins assault on first place in the Eastern Conference.

Unfortunately, the Caps similarly dismantled the Avalanche and held onto first, but it was worth watching the Capitals hang 6 on the Avs to witness all of the d-bag Caps fans run around the Pepsi Center as if they had just won the Cup. Please see the attached photo and post it on your site; this fat bastard was grinning ear to ear while trying to finagle a free Avs hat.
Feel free to add any color commentary or enhancements to the pic that you feel necessary.
-Clark S.
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Longest email ever, but interesting:


Hi guys, my name is Nate, HuskerPensFan on the Pensblog, 27 and reside in Omaha, Nebraska.

In February some friends and I are taking a trip to Pittsburgh to see a few games.
I’m coming with two friends, John and Jessica whom are engaged. Jessica has recently
become a doctor and was given a grant to come to Pittsburgh and study with some
world-famous doctor there at UPMC. John mentioned this to me months ago and he had the same idea
I did, find sometime to visit Jessica/watch the Pens play.

To give you a little background,
out of the 3 I am the biggest Pens fan. I have been for about 16 years now and am
known by pretty much all of my friends as a passionate/crazy/insane Penguins fan.
Most of them did not watch hockey until last spring when I’d get 6 or more together for each
playoff game at our local neighborhood bar. Now, although they do not follow the
team as much as I, they’re all Pens fans. Most really don’t even watch hockey ever, unless
I find the game on at Versus at the bar or they’re over to watch it on pay per view with me.
Even John, who used to care little about hockey was the one who propose the trip to me.

None of us has ever been to Pittsburgh and I’m writing because we’d like to meet
up with some fellow Pens fans to show us around, have some drinks with, get rowdy
and what have you. I’m sure there are tons of things to do in Pittsburgh, however,

Being from Nebraska, we have little knowledge of the city and where things are.ns hockey and Nebraska football.

I will be arriving at Pittsburgh International the afternoon of Thursday February 11th
and staying through Sunday night February 14th. Jessica gets free housing while
she’s there and we’ll be staying about 2 miles from the Mellon Arena. However,
if we all wanted to go out and get crazy some night I wouldn’t be opposed to all chipping
in for a hotel room somewhere after the game. We’ll be attending the game against
the Rangers on Friday and the Predators on Sunday. Pens fans of any age are welcome to join,
though, we’d obviously prefer those our age who don’t mind staying out late and consuming large
quantities of adult beverages.

It would be great if you guys could post some of this information on the blog
so that all the readers could see it. I do not expect you to post all of this since I
wrote a ton, but a few details would be nice. I’ll also put this in the c-blog
as well.


Nates email is :

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Go Pens


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