Glossary of Terms



We're in the process of updating some shit.

One thing we want to get squared away is all of our terms and shit. Stuff used in cblog, by us, and Pens fans as a whole.
Someone could stumble across the site and honestly have no clue what half of our shit even means. Which, is whatev, but still. Part of us still actually does care sometimes.


So we started making a list [Thanks BNG66], but we need your help.
We clearly missed some stuff so take a look and if you can think of anything write it in CBLOG.
Thanks, homos.







Buries It: Mario Lemieux's nickname

HCDB: Short for head coach Dan Byslma

Bing: Sidney Crosby's nickname

Geno: Malkin's name.

Rick City: Our writer Rick's nickname.

Stephen S: our graphic designer.

C-blog (or Cblog): Our comments section

tPB: short for thePensBlog

Jobber: [A.]one whose shortcomings makes others' mediocrity look better than it actually is. A tool. [B.] A jobber, or job, jobbed, jobbing, etc. can mean anything you want.

troll: Someone who goes from comments section to comments section on the internet to pick fights. Mostly to make up for lack of genetalia (male or female).

Joke: Used as a slur against someone to let them know that their life surves no purpose. Can be used aggresively or affectionately.
(agressive example:)
– "Ooooh, another Flyer fan calling Crosby, "Cindy". Real orginal, Joke."
(affectionate example:)
-"Nice typo Staff. Staff = Joke

Commit to the Stoosh: A saying that has its roots in the "Commit to the Indian" saying used by the Chicago Blackhawks. Used in cblog for "[Uncle] Stoosh." The man who puts the trolls in their place.

Tailgateblog: Meeting with other Cbloggers prior to a Pens game.

WOOOOOO!: Used mostly after making a funny remark or slam

fdfsacdsjoqwsd (random keyboard mash): The best way to express yourself after an unbelievable moment occurs.

The Bibster: Bob Errey

Carrot: See this post. [Link]

____ = Stunned: Simply a math formula letting you know you just got owned

Free Candy: Nickname for Brooks Orpik. The nickname was coined via this photoshop:

It doesn't mean Orpik is a child molester.  It just means he is scary.