Glancing At The Schedule, Gonchar to Sharks?

Before we look at the schedule, we have to address the rumors.
NHL Sources Say is all over it.
Looks like a bunch of crap.
But honestly what else is there to talk about?
If Shero can't re-sign Gonchar, he might as well try to get something for him.
Did Ryan Malone have a no-trade clause?
The answer is a Google search away, but it's the end of June.  Don't care.
He was gonna test the open market, but the Pens traded his rights to Tampa.
The NFL has a circle-jerk when their schedule is released.
The NHL, not so much.
But here some nuances to the Pens schedule that we caught:
October 7th.
Arena opener against Philly.
October 9th.
Montreal invades Consol.  vomit.
Monday, October 11th
A 1:00 game against the Devils?  What is that all about?
Early November.
Pens do a West Coast trip facing Dallas, San Jose, and Phoenix.
Fri, November 26.
Day-after-Thanksgiving 1:00 game at home against Ottawa.
January 1st.
Winter Classic.
Sun, February 20th.
4:00 start in Chicago?
Sun, March 27th.
1:00 home game against the Panthers.  This game already looks bad.
The last few years, the Pens have enjoyed somewhat lengthy home stands down the stretch.
This upcoming season, the longest home stand they have is THREE GAMES.  Wow.
Meanwhile, they have two 4-game road trips and one 5-game road trip.