Get To Know A Penguin: Jordan Leopold

The news broke early Monday morning.
Shero trades a second-round pick for Jordan Leopold.
We have no idea what Leopold will bring to the table.
And we sure as hell aren't gonna act like we do.
Jordan Leopold won the 2001-2002 Hobey Baker Award.
So, at one time or another, Jordan Leopold was considered the real deal.
He's missed his fair share of playing time in his career:
— Hernia surgery
— Groin injury
— Something with his hip
— Pneumonia
— And a concussion
The general sentiment is that this is a Mark Eaton type player.
But Mark Eaton never won no Hobey Baker.
This move creates a logjam on the Pens' blue line.
and Martin Skoula is still sniffing around.

But, still, this is an impressive move on a couple of fronts.

— Firstly…

The Pens are averaging 3.03 goals scored per game, ranked 5th in the league.
That's a beautiful place to be.

But the Pens are giving up 2.87 goals per game, which is 9th WORST in the league.

The only teams below them in G.A.A. are Dallas, Anaheim, Islanders, Columbus, Carolina, Atlanta, Toronto, and Edmonton — not exactly powerhouses of the league.

The Pens' offense is not the issue.  At all.
(Just imagine if the PP wasn't fecal for 95% of the season thus far.)
But the team defense needed a look-see.
On the other hand, Leopold is a career minus player.  So we don't know.
— And Secondly…
How do you keep the defending Cup champs hungry to repeat?
Bring in some guys who are hungry for their first one.
Other than aging veterans that you can beat off about, no one would want the Cup more than a player like Leopold, who made it all the way to Game 7 of the SCF with Calgary in 2004 before losing to Tampa Bay.
If he's not hungry because of that experience, we don't want him on the Pens.