Geno Cool, John Steigerwald Angry, Gaga Googoo




Geno is day-to-day. [PENS]
With back-to-back games coming up, wonder if he sits until the weekend?
A loss here and there…
compared to the Bruins targeting the foot?
Cue those certain fans:
"Pens won't miss him anyway."
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One of our favorite developing stories is John Steigerwald entering of the blogsphere, obviously in the attempt to plug his book that infringes on the Pringles man.

Just Watch The Game came out guns blazing the other day accusing Big Ben of being high.
But, just like a true Steigerwald, Johnny Boy messed it up, and he actually deleted the post.
— Your first post…and you break a cardinal rule of blogging?
We've personally only took down one post in our history due to backlash.
Anyway, Madden called him out, reprinting the original post:
Then John Steigerwald posted this in return:
What a mistake.
Love how all these former mainstream, now-angry journalists are turning to the blogs they hate so much.
A rule of life: Know what you're doing before you do it.
And old friend, the Masked Homo, threw his name into the mix late last night on Steiggy's lastest post.

The masked homo was shocked after he read this excerpt from Steigy's book: [LINK]

What the hell is going on in school these days?
I know we’ve had some horrific shooting incidents but, are our kids supposed to have confidence in adults who are afraid of Cub Scout cutlery? A large part of it is a result of the media hysteria surrounding the school shootings and some of the precautions are legitimate but I blame most of the stupidity on women.

OK, wait. Maybe that’s not fair.
Effeminate men are to blame, too.

Oh my.
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Some things this morning:
  • AO gets suspended. Tired of talking about hits. Not doing it.
  • Adam Gretz at NHL FANHOUSE sent this along. Free Candy made the final 12 in a vote for best defensive defenseman in the NHL. Send your vote now if you want.
  • One of our oldest readers, Chris Gates, just got a gig on 93.7 The Fan. Congrats to him. Give him a follow on his Twitter page for more details. [ @chris_gates ]
  • PennDOT made mistake of a lifetime. From Stacey B: Her sister was trying to change her last time to "FUNK."

Lady Gaga might be the first act in the CEC. [ Freakshow ]
Charlie already got tickets.
Will Lady Gaga breaking in the CEC set the precedent for the building's future?
Will it mean every Penguin game will be exactly the same?
And does this mean Iceburgh has to dress up like a mosquito?
Wish we had the answers.


Enjoy the morning with a little Robert Stack:

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