7:00 PM
If this isn't a playoff game, we don't know what is.
This is a classic Steel Cage match.

The RBC Center has never been kind to the Penguins.
It's in a rough part of Raleigh, North Carolina.
But the Pens live in a tough part of town, also:
the Atlantic Division.

As if dedicating some post on a blog matters.
But we'll dedicate this one to the fallen Pittsburgh officers, who lost their lives today. [PG]
The gunman said he didn't want his rights to carry guns infringed upon.
The right to bear arms was a big issue when people had bayonets.
No matter what your feelings on guns are, no one deserved what happened to those police officers today.
Let's not cheapen their deaths by making it a cause for our own personal rhetoric on gun control.
As Pens fans, and as Pittsburghers, our thoughts and prayers go to the families.
Go Pens.