How the hell are there only 12 games left in the season?
Guess there is a two years after the Stanley Cup curse as well, because the Senators are complete trash.
But, there is little doubt that they will play there balls off today.
The Pens play two games in like eight minutes this weekend, so lets face it, they have to get a split.
Our email looks like downtown Bagdad, so we are going to try and catch up, but at this point who even knows.
Everyone is probably drunk today anyway, so whatev.
Sykora is playing or at least we think.
Looks like MAF gets the start today, and Garon tomorrow.
Pens are also wearing their Blue uniforms.
The biggest question in todays game is have the Nacho's at the Mellon Arena changed?
We heard rumors.
This stunned pic came from James R. after the Blue Jackets game.
One game and we got two top ten stunned pics of all time.
Go Pens.
After the jump some solid youtubes.
Some Jagr/Bill Clement thing from the 90's.
Bill Clement: Where are we?
Jagr: I don't know, Pittsburgh.
It is a must watch.
Looks like a lot of people found it, so not sure who to credit.
MAF's glove save other night with some replays:
Late edit.
We somehow forgot to mention this yesterday:

Everyone plays today pretty much.
Rangers and Flyers playing now.
Buffalo plays Atlanta,
Carolina plays Washington
Florida and Tampa.
Montreal and New Jersey.
We think the magic number is 25, but who knows.
Go Pens.