Der. Crosby is out again.  This will be his fourth consecutive missed game.  And for whatever reason, all branches of the media think we should be concerned that the Penguins won't win without him.   It's all you hear, whether it's coming from "The Drive" on ESPN Radio or some cookie-cutter AP article.  Enough already.
Malkin's a beast.  People think he has to "pick up his game" because Crosby's out.  If you're leading the league in points and are being told to pick your game up, tell everyone to suck it.  Just let him play.
Satan got placed on waivers today.  If this is the first you're hearing of it, you don't deserve a link.  Gary Roberts was placed on waivers today, as well.  Don't even think about it.  boobs
All of the CRAP we've promised the last couple days will be coming in the recap.
Go Pens.  Apparently, the game is on Versus.
We're rooting for Washington tonight.