Gameday 63 — Dallas Stars

Haven't watched a lot of Stars games this year,
But they have turned things around after a joke start.
Sean Avery blah blah.
Boucher-Sydor trade blah blah.
The Pittsburgh Sports Insider is legit. And he says Bing is out.

Isn't it nice seeing not wondering if the coach is gonna start the backup for no reason?

— The Pens needed some help on Saturday, and they got it.
At this point, it is great when any team above the Pens lose.
But when the teams directly above them lose, it is glorious.
Atlanta pulled off a furious comeback against the Hurricanes, and the Islanders stunned the Sabres.  Florida lost also, getting douched by the Devils.
The Pens winning 4 of their last 5 has been HUGE.
And just for the hell of it, if the Pens win today, their magic number is 37.
Too bad they'll only have 18 games left.
Buffalo will have played one game fewer than the Pens.
Jump city for some other crap.
Per everyone, Bill Guerin has been traded.
Hell, he was even told to get off the ice during warmupsLINK.
Looks to be going to Washington or Montreal.
WAPO says it's not the Caps.
SPECTOR thinks it might be the Pens.
Coach's Corner recently:
Thanks to Lowell, a.k.a. Sven, for the pic.
Do it.
The "Crap" sections in the Stars recap is gonna be jam-packed.