Gameday 63 — Blackhawks

Huge game city.
Pens can climb within a point of a playoff spot with a win.
The Bing hurt his groin banging this guy's girlfriend, and the reporter.
We're not even addressing the Crosby bashing anymore, it is not worth it.
Anyways, we can't even remember the last time the Pens played in Chicago. But chances are it was bad news.–Or not, it was MAF's first shutout.
What we do remember is Chicago fans are douchebags.
The following youtube will serve two points.
1. The guy at the 3:54 mark is no question one of our favorite things ever about Against the Odds.
2. Tom Barrasso in Game 3. One of the greatest goalie performances of our generation:
Go Pens.
P.S. Huge mistake by FSN.
We just got done watching "Sportsbeat Rewind : Craig Patrick."
Unreal mistake concerning the 1999 playoffs series against the New Jersey Devils.
Stan Savarn's  narrative, and the video as well say that Herb Brooks took over to coach the 1998-99 team.
Embarrassing mistake. Kevin Constantine coached that team the entire year, and he led them to the upset victory against the Devils.
What a joke.
We demand a retraction.