Gameday 62– Islanders


 7:30 pm

The last two days have been fun. But knowing when to walk away from a jobbing is the most important thing.
It's all business now.

Lost in all the madness, Pens can gain two points on Buffalo, Florida and Carolina who all lost last night. Just the break the Pens needed.

But they didn't need this.
Bing city is out.
The Pens called up Pesonen, maybe he'll actually get a chance now.
Ryan Whitney is out as well, and Letang is in.
We'd have links, but it's not like we are making it up.
Sorry for the short Gameday but we wanted to mention something else, so jump city.
We're looking for some help. Nothing crazy, but whatev.
 Trade deadline like in eight minutes, we need someone to help us out on that day.
If you're interested, email us and we'll talk.
Go Pens