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Know The Enemy:
Before we talk about anything else, this is from Ted Leonsis' blog on Wednesday:

We have won 11 in a row. A franchise record.

We are now first in the East. We are TEN POINTS ahead of New Jersey who is in second place.

We are first in our division, 25 points ahead of our nearest competition.

And we are now FIRST in the NHL with 82 points. Click here and see.

We are first in the NHL in goals scored. And first in a bunch of other team and individual stats.

For just today we have arrived.

We don’t have miles to go before we sleep.

We have arrived. Savor it. Enjoy it.

Please for just one day. I beg of you. No negative emails. No negative vibes.

Tomorrow all bets are off. We can worry, we can vent, and we can go back to our individual dark places. But for 24 hours I declare a no fly zone on negativity and unhappiness.

We deserve our success. We are what our record says we are. At least for one shining moment.

Ok back to work. Go Caps. I hope you are as proud as I am.

Where exactly have you arrived Washington?
At an impressive regular season winning streak?
You know who holds the NHL record for consecutive wins?
We do.
During the 92-93 season the Pittsburgh Penguins won 17 games in a row.
And what did that get us?

David Volek.

Is it an impressive streak?  Of course it is.
Are the Washington Capitals a talented hockey team?  As much as we may hate to admit it, yes they are.
Will they contend for the Stanley Cup this year and possibly even enter the playoffs as the favorite?  That's true too.
But you haven't arrived until you've held that trophy over your head.
As a team the Washington Capitals have accomplished nothing other than a few Southeast Division titles.
Ted, you DO have miles to go before you sleep.
There is no victory here for you to savor.
Try and hold off patting yourself on the back until you've actually done something.
Speaking of teams arriving, the Pens had a difficult trip from Montreal to Washington.
They arrived after 2 in the morning.
If the situation was reversed and the Capitals had to go through what the Penguins just did, you'd see a new blog post from Ted about how the NHL is once again screwing the Caps and favoring the Penguins.
Enough about the snow and the trip to Washington and Ted Leonsis.
There's a hockey game today.
Chris Kunitz may be in the line up.
Fleury will be starting for the Penguins.
Theodore will be in net for Washington.
We don't need to tell anyone that the Capitals are on a 13 game winning streak.
Japer's Rink has a couple of stats on their streak.
During the streak, the Caps have scored 4.77 goals per game and allowed 2.23 goals per game.
Their power play is ranked first in the NHL and their penalty kill at home is ranked third.
Ovechkin leads the NHL in points, goals and plus/minus.
It won't be an easy game for either team.
The last time the Penguins were in Washington… they were standing with the President of the United States and the Stanley Cup.
The last time the Penguins were at the Verizon Center, the Caps were in the middle of an epic collapse in game seven.
Ovechkin still has nightmares about this save:
Fleury will need to play at that same level this afternoon.

If you want a Canadian issue of Sports Illustrated with Sidney Crosby on the cover, click HERE for our Charlie contest.
4:43 PM: The Penguins’ game in Montreal ends
5:52 PM: The Penguins arrive at Montreal Airport
6:47 PM: The Penguins get through customs and board the plane
7:30 PM: The Penguins’ plane takes off for Newark, New Jersey
8:52 PM: The Penguins land in Newark
9:24 PM: The Penguins bus departs from Newark for Washington
11:45 PM: The Penguins hit a rest stop for food in Maryland, 81 miles from DC
2:15 AM: The Penguins arrive at the team hotel
The drive took five hours.
Anyone going to watch the game in Washington will have some problems as well.
All buses and above ground transit are shut down.
Starting a hockey game at noon is a great idea NBC.
We understand that they don't want to run against the Super Bowl, but still.

Do it.

Go Pens.