Why on Earth would this game start at 12:30?
Come on.
Hopefully they will spare us of the WPXI pregame show.
The Wings are like 45-0 or something.
Honestly it's hard to make fun of them, especially when we can easily be owned by a Red Wangs fan.
All they have to say is sorry we can't hear you, we have our Stanley Cup ring stuck in our ear.
But nonethless, we truck on.
If Chris Osgood got AIDS tomorrow, we'd feel nothing.
The Wangs just aren't worth getting worked up about.
But in case you just starting watching hockey:

But after the jump, you'll find something to easily get worked up about.
The following clip is from TSN.ca.
We can't embed, because TSN.ca online sucks.
But it is worth the click.
Why? Some dude named Gord Miller gives reasons the Pens cannot keep Malkin and Bing together, and that Malkin will be traded so Bing can have a winger.
Yea it is that bad.
Just one of the most bizarre, and uneducated rants in recent memory.
To recap everything "Gord" said:
  • The cap number of $17.2 million is two high for two players.
  • He pointed to Zetterberg as taking less money to sign with the Red Wings. Then he said that this lets the Wings sign more quality players around him, then showed a graphic of Hossa.
  • Hossa has not extended any contract with the Wings.
  • Quote from Gord: "The Pens will be forced to sign baragain basement reclamtion projects like Satan, and Fedotenko every year." Ummmm since when is $3.5 million "baragain basement? Does he even know anything about the NHL?  In case you didn't click the link. Here is a pic of Gord Miller:
Guess if you looked like this, you would say dumb shit, too.
Some follow up on the Blue Jackets game.
Someone needs to update FSN Ohio on the Pens defenseman:
Oh and guess who was at the CBJ game:
Our favorite veggie.
What is that usher saying to her?
Where is unreal shirt?
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