7:00 PM

Mellon Arena
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Penguins versus Leafs.
Jonas Gustavsson’s heart is racing in anticipation.
Except he played last night against Montreal, so it looks like Vesa Toskala will be in net for Toronto.
On that note, this is from Bloge Salming and Down Goes Brown:

At this point we would like to think back to February 14th of last season and thank the Leafs for beating some sense into the Penguins.
Without that 6-2 embarrassment, it might have taken Dan Bylsma a little longer to get to the NHL and the Penguins 2008-2009 season may have been very different.
Toronto played against Montreal last night and lost in overtime.
The Pens haven’t played since Wednesday against Ottawa.
This is our favorite line from that CBC article:

“And backup goaltender Vesa Toskala, who could well get the start as the Leafs may not want Jonas Gustavsson and his twice-operated-on heart to play back-to-back, is 6-2 against Pittsburgh lifetime.”

We were all set to call him Jonas “Gust of Wind” because that’s all it takes to stop his heart, and now he’s not playing.
Fleury will be in net for the Pens.
Blue jerseys tonight.
It worked well against the other Ontario team…

Do it.

Go Pens.