7:30 PM

Mellon Arena
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The top two teams in the Atlantic Division.
And the Eastern Conference.
And the NHL.
At least according to points, that is.
The Penguins have had trouble with the Devils this year.
They’ve lost both games against them so far, both by a score of 4-1.
The Penguins want to do better tonight.
Martin Brodeur versus Marc-Andre Fleury.
Both men want to be in net for Team Canada.
Fleury was named the second star for last week by the NHL.
In other news, Mark Eaton, the only Penguins defenseman to survive the rash of injuries on the blue line earlier this season, will miss tonight’s game with an injury.
Eaton’s injury isn’t considered long term, but he is being evaluated by team doctors today.
Martin Skoula will take his place in the line-up.
The Penguins depth on defense is always, always a good thing.
Tonight is a measuring stick game for both the Penguins and the Devils.
The Pens will look across the ice and see their main competition for a division title.
The Devils will look back and see the defending Stanley Cup Champions.
The Devils and the Penguins are the only two teams in the NHL with more than 50 points.
The Capitals are right behind them with 50.
Keep in mind that the Devils have played two fewer games than the Penguins or Capitals.
And then, of course, there’s the trap.
If the Devils get a lead early, get ready for a long night.
Two big points are on the line tonight.
Especially considering the teams meet again next week in New Jersey.
Tonight’s game will be the Devils’ last regular season game in the Igloo.

Do it.

Go Pens.