7:00 PM

Wachovia Center
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Chant along everyone!

“Crosby Sucks!”
“Crosby Sucks!”
“Crosby Sucks!”
It only makes him stronger.
Welcome to the Wachovia Center where it doesn’t matter who wins, as long as someone gets hurt.

“I’m ready. I have a helmet.”

Evgeni Malkin

Cheering for fights and chanting “Crosby Sucks” are the only two constants that the Flyers organization has experienced this year.
Everything else has been a mixture of disappointment, anger and failing to live up to expectations.

Beating the Flyers 6-1 at home was beautiful.
Watching their attempt at a comeback fall apart the moment Jordan Staal scored shorthanded was the stuff dreams are made of.
So what will happen tonight?

Will the Flyers actually attempt to play hockey?
Or will they try and start more than the three fights in 60 seconds they ended up with in the first period of Tuesday’s game?

Common logic would suggest that they would realize the fighting didn’t work and try to actually score goals.
But they haven’t realized this in over 40 years, so what would make them start now?
In fact, as just another example of how the Flyers are still stuck in the 70s, look what is on the back of Boucher’s helmet:
Who puts Stanley Cup titles from 40 years ago that he had nothing to do with on his helmet?
Looking at the Flyers today, it’s easy to stop and wonder where all of that supposed leadership has gone.
What did Richards do to boost his team on Tuesday?
How about Pronger?
If you think the Flyers and their fans hated the Penguins before, imagine what they’ll be like tonight.
The Flyers are slumping.
They just lost badly to the Penguins.
The team is in chaos.
Some drunk guy in an orange t-shirt is going to take all his rage out on anything with a Penguin logo on it.
If you’re going to the game, be safe.

Do it.

Go Pens.