7:30 PM

Mellon Arena

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It’s difficult to dislike the Chicago Blackhawks.
At least it was until the summer.
On July 1st, the ‘Hawks signed Marian Hossa to a huge 12-year, $62.8 million dollar contract.
That deal put some financial strain on the team.
It got bad enough  that the ‘Hawks had to send out Patrick Kane to shake down a cab driver for change.
Regardless, the Blackhawks are a fast, exciting team.
The game the Pens played in Chicago last season was great stuff and definitely fun to watch.
As we mentioned earlier, Crosby is going to sit this game out with a sore groin.

“My groin is bothering me a bit,” Crosby said. “I won’t be playing tonight. It’s something that’s been bothering me for three or four days and I’m going to sit this one out.

It was pretty obvious that Sid was hurting.
All he did was score a measly 11 points in the last three games.
Letang did not skate this morning, but he will likely play tonight.
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Speaking of Stephen S, he’s also created some holiday items in our CafePress store:
Now you can hang Charlie’s balls from your tree.
Cristobal Huet should be in net for the ‘Hawks.
Jason S. sent us this find from YTMND.
Huet lost last night against Nashville, so there’s a chance Antti Niemi will play.
We’re surprised we went this long without a Hossa Photoshop.
Speaking of Hossa, he’ll hear the boos tonight.
We think serenading him with choking sounds, laughter or complete silence would be funnier, but we know it’s not going to happen.
It’s not the Stanley Cup Final, so Hossa will show up tonight.

Do it.

Go Pens.