Mellon Arena

It would be pretty easy for the Pittsburgh Penguins to overlook tonight's game.
The Coyotes are a Western Conference team that may not even exist after this season.
The Pens are playing in Philadelphia tomorrow and it's tempting to focus on that game and let tonight's contest slip away.
But two points are two points, no matter where they come from.

The Coyotes website is hyping this game as "A BATTLE OF THE UNBEATENS" even though both teams have played a combined total of three games.

We're calling it "The Battle of Teams Jim Balsille Couldn't Buy."
Throw in the Predators somehow and it becomes RIM Jim's worst nightmare come alive.



Effective immediately, when you send in a photoshop, put "PHOTOSHOP" into the subject line.
This isn't just for our own organizational purposes.  There is a greater goal we're trying to achieve here and we need everyone's help.

Plus, if you send in an anthem pic, if you have the capacity, put "anthem" in the subject line.

Some of you may have been a part of the testing we had for this thing earlier on Wednesday, so you know what's up.
But we'll unleash this little beast in the recap of the game on Thursday morning.




Biz Nasty isn't playing for the Coyotes tonight.

Tonight is the first of a back-to-back so Brent Johnson will be in net for the Pens.
It's his first start in the black and gold.

After spending four seasons in Washington he'll likely spend the first period confused as to why his teammates are near his net, trying to prevent scoring chances.  Eventually he'll remember that some teams play this thing called "defense."
A little known fact is that, despite playing with him for years, Brent Johnson has never been within 30 feet of Alex Ovechkin.

Another former Capital, Chris Bourque may make his Penguins debut tonight as well.  Dan Bylsma called him a game-time decision.

Speaking of the Caps, the word "dynasty" and a comparison to the Oilers of the 80s are being mentioned by Stephen Pepper of Japer's Rink.

"We haven't won anything yet. Don't jinx us. We can't read this stuff. We have to be honest with ourselves. We have only won a division championship twice as a unit. We have won one playoff series in ten years. We have miles to go before we sleep. We ain't that good. I am not just saying that to be humble. We haven't done anything yet. I don't want us to be set up for a letdown or to think we are better than we are."



The Coyotes are taking a page out of their Winnipeg Jets history and planning a "WhiteOut" for their first home game of the season.

Sporting News has named Pittsburgh the "Best Sports City" and Sidney Crosby the "Greatest Player in Today's NHL."


From Cblog, Disco Dan scores!


When you're in need of a way to frustrate and defeat a Coyote, there's only one place to look for inspiration:


Meep Meep!

Do it.

Go Pens.