7:00 PM

Nationwide Arena

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A pre-Halloween chill is in the air.

It's a good thing the Pens are at home.

Okay, they're not technically at home, but they're in Columbus which is pretty close.

It's interesting that the team is wearing their third jerseys tonight.
It's the first time since the Winter Classic that they've worn them outside the Igloo.

Maybe it feels like a home game to them too.

They're aren't many things more awesome than the Consol Energy Center built out of Lego.



Maybe the only thing more epic would be a Lego Igloo.


Nobody knows what's going on with the Penguins' lines tonight.

Disco Dan had this to say:

"I liked our line with Sidney Crosby last game," he said. "That’s something that is getting better and better."

"Jordan Staal is going to play center alongside Fedotenko and Bourque. Cooke and Adams will be together. Those are the two stable guys on the third line. Staal and Fedotenko will be the two stable guys on that line. We will rotate guys in and out of there."

Chris Conner and Mark Letestu are up from WBS.



There's a big mess going down within the NHLPA.

Interim executive director Ian Penny has stepped down.
He was involved in a feud with Chris Chelios after Chelios voted to keep Paul Kelly as the executive director over the summer.

How is Chris Chelios in the NHLPA when he isn't even in the NHL anymore?
We'd be lying if we said we knew what was going on here.


This question might also be a bit of a hot water situation for you: Best sports town, between Pittsburgh, Philly and Columbus?

Ah, it's tough. I'm naturally going to say Pittsburgh because they're more loyal to their players. Philly … the teams right now are really good teams, and it's such a competitive sports town. I think they're tough on their players; they judge them too fast. In Pittsburgh, [sports] mean way more.

The Toronto Star has a piece on yet another life ruined in Philadelphia:

"On Feb. 9, 2008, veteran NHL linesman Pat Dapuzzo suffered career-ending and life-altering injuries when he was accidentally struck in the face by the skate blade of Flyers forward Steve Downie during a game in Philadelphia against the New York Rangers. The damage to Dapuzzo’s face and head was far more serious than simply cosmetic"

It worked in the preseason against Columbus.


Do it.

Go Pens.