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Mellon Arena

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The Pens are going for their eighth win in a row tonight.

Will Marc-Andre Fleury look at playing Brodeur as another chance to prove he should make Canada's Olympic team?

Jacques Lemaire and the neutral zone trap are back in New Jersey, so we could be in for a frustrating night.


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A few other misc things from yesterday:



Check out this kid at the game last night:


Unbeknownst to pretty much everyone, Sidney Crosby scored an "Alex Ovechkin Hat Trick" yesterday:

"First there was the Gordie Howe hat trick – 1 goal, 1 assist, and a winning fight.

Now there is an Alex Ovechkin hat trick – 2 goals in regulation, one goal in the shootout to win it – so as a player you have all three goals to win a game 3-2.

I like it.

An AO3 on the scorecard last night.

An Alex Ovechkin hat trick. Way to go Caps fans! Pitch perfect.

An Alex Ovechkin hat trick. We need it to be branded and memorialized now on Wikipedia just like this entry is. Go Caps!"

Dear God…

Then, in another blog post, Ted says this:

"We were not a very good team. That was by design. We had a poor record. We got to pick high in the draft for a few seasons. We drafted Alex Ovechkin and we drafted Nicklas Backstrom."

And here we were thinking that the Pens were the team that purposely lost for years only to draft Crosby in a sham, rigged lottery.


And that's not even the worst thing we've read all day.

While randomly wasting time online we found this:

"Are the Pittsburgh Penguins cheaters?

What first caught my attention regarding the Pens is that they have somehow conveniently always gotten a top draft pick during the right year.

Here's what really bothers me:
Over the last 20 years, the Penguins have drafted four of the five biggest name players in the NHL (Ovechkin being the exception).

Awhile back they drafted both Jaromir Jagr AND Mario Lemieux, and now more recently they've drafted (one after another) Sidney Crosby AND Evgeni Malkin with back to back first overall picks (convenient how they get those when Crosby and Malkin are coming into the league).

Regardless of whether they lost intentionally or not, or organized their team so that they would have off years when these great players became draft eligible, it's still extremely unfair that Pittsburgh always drafts these players. But, I suppose you can't prove it's cheating.

But then I found this (on wikipedia) regarding the 2003 NHL Entry Draft:

"Draft Day Trades

The Florida Panthers trade the 1st pick (Marc-Andre Fleury) and 73rd pick (Daniel Carcillo) to the Pittsburgh Penguins for the 3rd pick (Nathan Horton), the 55th pick (Stefan Meyer) and Mikael Samuelsson."

Luckily the Penguins made a mistake in not drafting Eric Staal (or they would be even more unfairly stacked in terms of talent), but still, why would any team trade the first overall pick and change in exchange for pretty much equivilent change, AND Mikael Samuelsson. It makes no sense. The Panthers could have Eric Staal right now instead of Horton.

So my question is – why in the world did Florida make that trade? I don't see how it makes any sense unless there was bribery or sexual favors involved.

Anyway – the way Pittsburgh stacks their team is unfair to the rest of the teams in the league. They should have to make good trades and have solid developmental facilities just like every other team instead of getting the high picks at the perfect times and then dominating everyone else.

And PS. No I'm not a bitter Sens fan; I'm a Sharks fan. I just noticed this though and I think it's evident that there is foul play involved on the Penguins part."


He played in New Jersey for five seasons.


Tuomo Ruutu has been suspended for three games for his hit on Darcy Tucker.

He wasn't suspended because he is "not a repeat offender"


We're likely gonna to see the trap tonight, so the Pens probably won't get many chances.
To win the game they''ll have to aim their shots well.


Do it.

Go Pens.